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More on the fsx simpit

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ok I’m still working on my simpit and fsx.  For AC I’ve invested in the dhc-2 beaver, dhc-6 twin otter, c-130,c-17,c-27 and c5 plus others like the uh1, hh60.  I purchased a used VRInsight ProPit but that might have been a mistake.  I got it used, but the problem seems is there isn’t much support for adding different AC to it.  It come ready to work with three I know of for max the c172,c-182 and the mooney none of witch I plan on flying much except for the time in the book for getting my if r training iirc.  I made an order for another USB I/O card and switches for it.  The PhDs plug and play kit I got off ebay controls 20 switches and if I use the ones it came with will be 5 ea push button, toggle rocker and push button momentarily.  I ordered what seemed like a ton of switches I expected to use toggle on,off,on, and on, off with covers I think I ordered some momentarily on push buttons and one other switch as I recal.  The new ISO card is better from my understanding and will control up to 32 switches

On another note it’s time to get ready for sass world championship End of Trail match coming up next month.  I still need to reload some 38-55 for plainsman, I should have enought 38wcf for a warmup and main match but I’m taking the 45s along in case.  I figure for just the three matches warmup, main and plainsman I’ll nee the 28-55 handi rifle, two 73s one in 38 WCF and the other in 45 colt for backup I’ll need my roa for plainsman and my USFA SAAs for main match and Ruger Bisley Vaquero 45colt for bu.  next is the scatter guns, I’m taking my Remington spr 220 for plainsman and my 87 copy for main and ten for backup.  Then ammo for all.  Leather will be the same as my Kirtpatrick Long Hunter 09 holsters fit any of main match revolvers I have one set in black and another in russet.  The latter are new all are strong side holsters.  I have a couple other thing to work out also.  My boot chap or boats iirc need enlarging or remaking to fit me.  My chinks will be tight but I might need a few extension straps made to get them to work.  If everything goes right I’ll be dressed differently each day.  Plainsman will be pigskin pants and buckskin shirt, for warmup will be a shirt and pants, on main match day one will be one of these chaps, chinks or botas(boot chaps) a vest of one of two right now, one day will be in uniform so I’ll have to work hard to have the required items.  Unfortunately since my diabetes my feet require special boots and I’ll be wearing them other wise I would be bringing my earth walkers and that would give me a choice in footware.  But this year I’ll be wearing the same lace ups everyday.  Since I can’t move well I try to do two things dress differently every day and try to shoot clean.
I’ve got some money coming and plan on getting a SxS utv and enclosed trailer to carry everything in plus for the weekend events I plan on throwing a cot in it and using it for camping.  I’ll need a couple of things to make it homely for the weekend.  But if it gets me out the so much the better.
Till next time.


The last day before….

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Well after a late night loading software on the laptop I got bed and fell asleep around 5 am. I still having trouble with the network showing drives and stuff. Need access to load LR3 catalog so I can print out a photo for someone and burning a cd for someone else.

I got a note from the VA that I have an appointment on Tuesday the 21. Well that will not work since I have Wild Bunch RO training at that time. Called prosthetics and told them I was in town today could they fit me in. I was told to come on down. So I went in to order new shoes and inserts.

Went to put the gun cart together for the scooter and about every third piece was missing. I Couldn’t. Find one of the brackets that go between the cart and the scooter. Also, the box for the cart was seen. I was going to redesign to setup but doubt I have time to do it today. Looks like I will be using my Off The Wall cart and walking. Which might be better anyway because the cart in acting up my tripping something and takes forever to get anywhere.

Went by the ranch and it appears everything is ready.

Spoke with Gunther Cartright for a spell and the head west. Stop by a friends for salad and pizza. The headed further west to Wally world boy has it changed since Sam passed. Every year seams to get worst and worst. The shelves were bare and the isle around the open freezers was packed with pallets. No one was filling the shelves. Filled the buggy with what they had and headed home to put the stuff away and get things ready for a 6 am wake up and on the road by 7 to arrive by 8 for 9 am registration and safety brief. Good nite ya

New leather to use for the SASS World Championship, End of Trail (EOT)

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Well finally got back in to my leatherwork this week. I made myself a new gunbelt. It is a 3″ ranger style belt with double billets that fold under with Sam Brown studs for adjustment.

I also made or I should say modified a Mills belt by removing all but 10 loops and replaced them with 6 double 12 ga pocket loops much like what saddlers did in the later part of the 19 th century.

I also am working on a ammo box for my belt based on the 1859 ammo box I put on a belt clip instead of the belt loops. I intend to fabricate some ammo strips to fit inside to hold my ammo for the stage. These are still under development. I will post photos as soon as everything is completed. So come back for the photos and tomorrows post on the second installment of the chapter by chapter review of the ” Speedliter’s Handbook” by Syl Arena.

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June 17, 2011 at 12:05 pm

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And the good new keeps coming

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Where to start?  I got my laptop today and the replace all the boards so I have 2 more USB  ports that were broken on the old ones.  I am busy backing up, adding software, backing up add… you get the picture.  I hope I can get everythign ready by noon tomorrow.  We will see.


I got a call from my Dad and the park association that I own a lot in back in Georgia has put out a memo stating all the trailers have to have underpinning in contradiction to the charter.  and this has to be done by the end of the month.  I told him to not do anything until they say something.  Then tell them that I was advised on the memo and said not to do it.  They have been wanting to do it anyway but they don’t have much money so they are buying the materials as they can and when they get everything then my Step brother is supposed to do the job since he is the one with experience.  Last time they confronted me is still being talked about and they didn’t like the results.

Next, received a call from Thunderbird Harley Davidson.  the Lead tech examined my bike and the verdict wasn’t good.  There is a knocking in the lower end so the motor needs rebuilding and the best practice is to remove the engine from the frame.  Crate it up.  Ship it back to Harley Davidson and have Harley rebuild it, crate it back up ship it back to NM and then have the local techs install it. The cost of this service is around $3k, yikes.  The only good news is I will have a new engine basically that has a one year warranty.  I will check in with them tomorrow if things go right and see if I can make payments.

Still need to make a few items for the match or at least to make thing nicer for me.  Need to load up some 38 Black powder rounds to shoot during the main match.  I am heading out tomorrow to pick up my packet and see if several items I am expecting are ready for pickup.  I will try to post some iPhone photos and let you know how things go starting tomorrow.


The Chapter 1 review of the “Speedliters Handbook” is postponed until the 29th of June in the mean time you will be getting updates on the Grand Daddy of the Cowboy Action Shoots, End Of Trail, SASS’ World Championship Match and World Championship Wild Bunch Match.

Since this blog is about more than photography

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Well I finally got back to shooting CAS matches last month. I drove from Cleveland Georgia to Edgewood New Mexico just in time for SASS’s Buffalo Stampede the regional for this area. I shot the Wild Bunch warm up and then found out my ammo wasn’t up to standards and shot the WB match for fun and practice.

I wasn’t moving all that well so some of the times were not all that great. But things got better as the event went on. The targets were very challenging and clean match awards were few and far in between. But all had fun.

I shot the Plainsman match after shooting 6 WB stages and after the first stage blow up on me I put the guns away and spotted and helped out. That made me miss the warm up for the Main Action match. IIRC.

The Main Action match went better. I came in second in the Frontiersman Category behind Capt. Baylor.

Since then I been reloading ammo, 38-40 Black powder, 45 ACP, 45 Colt and 12 ga Black Powder.

I’m also reworking my leather gear. I am remaking a belt into my main match belt. So far I have come up with and drawn the design and awaiting so leather to finish it. I am also making a new more authentic shotgun belt out of a Mills belt.

I hope to get the leather next week and hopefully the weather will allow me to get a match or two in next weekend and at least a match every weekend up to The World Championship, End of Trail, next month.

Well that is a mouthful for now, keep checking back and I will let you know what I’ve been up to. Adios

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May 13, 2011 at 10:27 am

Eot, SASS’s World Championship is over and in the books.

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Well I had the neurostimulator implant installed in my back a few weeks ago and all seems to be fine with it.  It seems to be controlling my pain better than the meds and allowing me to be more active.  I shot SASS’s(Single Action Shooting Society) World Championship, End of Trail(EOT) Last Week and came in 12th in my category and 300 something overall.  I had a Banks Ram Air Intake installed in my 2003 F-250 King Ranch Truck this week.  And amid several visits to the VA over the last two weeks have had the staples removed from my back from the surgery, got a mold made for a second bite block for sleeping, which is good since I misplaced the original somewhere in the camper unless ShyAnne ate it.

Well the big news is that I was able to shoot most of the EOT events the only one I missed that I wanted to shoot was the Wild Bunch event and that was it conflicted with two Dental appointments.  SO I arrived at Hidden Valley on Sunday the 20th to find that my spot was occupied and it was very late so I found an open spot and plugged in the electric for the night.  Next morning I just moved the Travel Trailer to the correct spot once they had vacated it.  Payed for the week plus of my stay.  Which considering the amenities is a great deal over dry camping at the ranch.  I stayed from the 20th to the 30th and it was less than $130 where as dry camping at the ranch was somewhere in the $75 range plus $20-$25 for each fill and dump of water, plus gas for the generator to recharge the batteries.  I shot the warmup on Tuesday morning and in the afternoon took an SASS U class on Shoot Smarter not Harder hosted by Calvin Hobbs and Barbary Coast.  They broke shooting a stage down very well and got in to the mental aspects of the game and how to approach shooting a stage.  I also had a one on one with Calvin the next morning to go over shooting with a disability and more in-depth stage analysis.  Then I tried to shoot the Plainsman match.  It requires shooting the stage with a single shot rifle, two cap and ball pistols and a side by side shotgun normally.  I was using it as more practice for shootign the C&B Ruger Old Armies and the shotgun since I haven’t shot much this year.  They went well but I did have a problem with the shotgun.  Not really a problem but  more of a brain-fart.  I grabbed my 30-30 ammo and shot it in my 38-55 H&R 1871 rifle.  I hit every thing and learned that some use 30-30 brass to fireform to 38-55 since it is cheaper than 38-55 brass.  But I shot 30-30 brass, smokeless powder( a no no for Plainsman) and a 30 cal lead bullet.  I hit each and every target no problem and the brass extracted without a problem.  Te first stage I was DQ for shooting Smokeless ammo so I shot the second for no time and practice but once I realized what I had done I figured I should stop shooting since I wasn’t in the correct mind.  So after the second stage someone explained what I was doing and all where surprised that I was hitting the targets as the bullet had to be bouncing down the barrel if it even touched the barrel due to the size difference of the barrel to the bullet which was much smaller.  So I didn’t even try to shoot any of the side matches at that point.  Which I wanted to try out for the first time.  I had even bought a Bond Derringer to shoot in one of the side matches event.  Next time I will be more prepared for the side matches as I will mark the ammo better so that I know what it is and what it is used for.

Also, I received a new gun cart, which is a necessary piece of equipment for cowboy shooters.  We use them to hold our long guns and ammo plus any other thing we might need during the match.  If you shoot cap and Ball you have many other things to carry so that you may charge the cylinders and cap them on the loading table.  I can only think of how hard it most have been to win a battle with 1800 technology.  The new Cart was custoim built for me by Dennis Smith aka Gunther Cartwright owner and builder of what I think are the best designed gun carts out there OFF the Wall Gun Carts.  He built it so that I have a storage spage for my two revolvers when I am not shooting and a removable box for my BP supplies and two other boxes for my glasses and hearing aids and other handy items and one for extra ammo mounted lower on the cart.  He is building me a cooler tray that will occupy that space when I get it and the two small boxes are interchangeable so I will mount my C&B loader to the top of one and use it for charging the cylinders instead of taking up room at the unloading table.  I had Laser Graphics checker my grips on my Ruger Old Armies and burn my Alias in to the main box of the new cart.

Here are some photos from the trip:

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Been a Busy Week So Far

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Started the week off reloading shotgun BP rounds so I have some ammo for when I shoot this month. I ran out of powder and just got in touch with my supplier today and he was out and had to see what the current price is. I told him I was interested in maybe as much as a case myself that should hold me for a while. He hasn’t gotten back in touch yet.

Monday and Tuesday were slow as I am still having reactions from having diabetes. I tested my blood suger level everday since Friday when I got the test kit. Some times it high over 200 with a few readings around 120. I started taking the meds she gave me and I think it is helping.

Yesterday I drove up to Albuquerque to the VA after waking up around 430 PM on Tuesday. Did two appointments including the pre-op for my Neuro Stimulator implant procedure next week. I then went to Thunderbird HD gto take a test ride. Filled out the paperwork had some problems and finally left 4 hrs later without a test ride. HD web site is a little misleading about the no hassle test rides. They called this morning that everything is OK for the test ride/purchase.

After that I took out a friend for his birthday to the Texas Roadhouse. Service and food excellent as always. Although all I had was a salad since I had a big lunch at Red Lobster. I tried their Maine lobster and shrimp. The lobster looked more like Rock Lobster and I think there were two tails grilled. A little too much but still eatable. I asked for grilled shrimp instead of spicy shrimp and it came with three or four coconut shrimp that I wasn’t expecting and would have preferred more grilled shrimp in place of them. This was before the HD trip.

I left ABQ at about 930 getting home a little after midnight. I place an order to B&H Photo that I had tried to do from my Palm Centro but had no luck. The order was mainly to get a set of end caps for 77mm filters and a 72-77mm step up ring so I can use the new Hoya Polarizer that I bought off of eBay. The end caps make it really easy to carry filters without having to store them in individual wallets or cases.

Today I been catching up on my reading and some other stuff dealing with my trip to EOT SASS’s World Championship. I plan on signing up on Sunday before the events starts off. Depending on how I feel then will be if I sign up for the Wild Bunch Match and Side matches or even the main match. If I feel as well as I hope to then I will sign up and shoot everything except the warmup match since it conflicts with my dental appointments. I will have to get on a early morning shoot posse on Thursday since I have a Follow UP appointment at noon on Thursday. I could shoot the late go but that would mean that everything would have to go right for me to get to the ranch in time to make it. I don’t want to risk it on the first day of the main match since I woudl need to be there at 1 to unload and get to the bay in time to start and that isn’t giving much time to play with..

Reading the Guest post from yesterday’s Photoshop Insider blog. Scott Kelby asked Scott Diaussa to write for him. His post got me to thinking about my work history. I joined the USAF in 1982 after a futile attempt at college. I just didn’t have the patience and discipline for it. I was thrown into the Structural Repair field because they discovered that I was color blind, and that is where all the Open Mechanical color blind enlisters ended up. I didn’t want to be a paper pusher or cop at the time. Later after several attempts to cross train I finally was able to for medical reasons. I then choose a squadron level job. Little did I know what I was choosing. Ever notice how job descriptions paint the job that they are referring to. Well, I became a one charley oscar. That is supposed to be a job where you track the training and flying events that the aircrew accomplish. In reality you sit at the Ops Desk answer phone calls and updating the flying board in the squadron level. If you got a brain and goes to waste. So I always a book available so I can learn something with me. Usually it was a computer programming book. That got notices and the computer questions started. The DO, Director of Operations, thought that I could be better used working for him. Eventually one of my tasking was to develop several databases for tracking this and that. It was the time of the Quality Air Force. This meant that things were being run like they thought they would be in the civil workforce. In reality it meant that you got points for doing this and that. I left that squadron to run another and stayed there for a year then a short time at Wing Safety then to the OSS squadron and working in the Air Show office. This was the off season for the office so things were quite and the Major in charge suggested that I find something to occupy my time. I had my books and then questions start again but this time about the wing scheduling program, which was what some to the databases that I created were to replace parts of it since I proved that it wasn’t an accurate for tracking flying hours. and other things. I then was tasked to create a program/application to replace it. I saw an opportunity to get some real training and used it as leverage and they agreed to pay for the TDYs and training for several courses up in ABQ. I eventually trained my self on everything and wrote the code and the program worked flawlessly for several years even after I retired. I thought about going in to the computer industry when I retired hence all the reading and training that I was doing. But, my health had other plans.

I retired and got my rating from the VA by the end of the year and by the second week of the next year I had received my Non Employability designation. I then applied for my Social Security disability and received it promptly. So money wasn’t much of a concern since the bills were getting paid.

I bean searching for something to do to take of the time of the days. I found that besides the computer I had four or five other things I liked to do. the first was fishing but I live in the desert( the weather is good most of the year and I do not hurt) and there isn’t much fly fishing available but there is some. I was watching TV and found out that a group of people who liked to dress up in 1880’s period attire and shoot firearms representative of that period get together and shoot at steel targets. this seamed right down my line. So I joined SASS in January 2005, and a couple of years later joined as a life member. I acquired my firearms and then some so I could go and play(compete) with them. One of the other interests was photography. I start this interest in my early teens or earlier. I seem to pick it up quite easily and with some reading became fairly good at it. Eventually built my own darkroom in the easement of the house. In High School I worked for the School newspaper and later the yearbook. After graduating High School one summer while on break from college about the same time that I join the AF but before I was do to report in January I was contacted by one of the weekly papers in the area to sell them B&W football Prints from the Friday night games of the teams that they supplied the passes to. this was easy go shoot the game, head home go to work in the dark room develop the negatives, go to bed get up early print the contact sheet and take it to the editor he choose the images he wanted and I printed them out and they gave me a check. That continued until school started back up. If I would have been smart I would have flipped it to a full time job in photography. I went to basic and tech schol and was stationed in the UK. I picked the camera up again and this tiem I didn’t have access to a real darkroom so I used a black bag to load the film in to the roll container and then processed it. Kodak came out with this system where you could develop color prints and you really didn’t need all the stuff for a conventual color darkroom. I picked up one and used it while there and it wasn’t a hit in the states so I could find any supplies for it in North Carolina. Which was almost home for me. I was close to my Grandfather who got me started in photography and golf. My home was only three or four hours away. Long enough that you were not expected ot come home on the weekends or even monthly but close enough that you could on a long weekend. I got in to riding bulls there and when injured I would photograph the one that were riding the rough stock. after that I was sent to Alaska, Anchorage to be exact. I did a lot of fishing, camping, shooting both the guns and the camera. Got married had a baby or she did. Shortly after my daughter was born we were stationed in Alamogordo New Mexico. They don’t call it the land of entrapment for nothing. I stayed there after the divorce and my retirement even though I own property in Georgia and Virginia. I picked up a digital camera in 2004 which last December I replaced it with a 40D from Canon. I began to shoot Cowboy Mounted shooting and it helped cover the travel cost and supplies since I mainly printed everything on my Epson R300. Plans for this season are to use a lap for most and do the retouching and emailing proofs to those interested. I will then sell them the prints or CDDs or even a DVD movie or the images I took of them and their family. I am also expanding in to portrait and product shooting this year.