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The new look of CWP +

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Well I’m going to use CWP+ as my dairy from here on out.

My interests are as follows:

1) RVing and traveling

2) Shooting

3) Photography 

4) My military retirement

5) Family 

6) Fishing

7) Computers and video game machines
My post will fall under one of those six categories or sub categories of those as I will expand on them.

 Other posts will be about an upcoming trip to Albuqurque for some va appointments and the outcome of those appointments.  I might so shooting on the tail end of the trip if things work out.    The first actual post will consists of acquiring my mobile rig and what I did right and what I did wrong.  That trip is next week.  There will be a trip in June for the world championship of sass that I’ll try to cover.   Then there’s another repair run down to Anthony tx to camping world for so repair work.  

Another newish idea it to try and include a photo or maybe even a video clip to help show what I’m talking about or both.  So expect so more photos and movie clips in the future.
If it is photo related if possible I will try to show some behind the scenes photos or a movie clip.  Especially if it a photographic post.  If it’s about the equipment expect the bhs addon.
Just as a idea of how these will breakdown here it is. 

1) RVing and traveling

A) vehicles

B) trips

C) equipment

D) other
2) Shooting

A) Cowboy Action Shooting

B) Modern Shooting

C) Reloading

D) Guns

3) Photography 

A) Equipment

B) Shoots/Techniques/etc
4) My military retirement

A)USAF  issues

B) va issues

C) ssa issues

D) money issues

E) health issues
5) Family 

A) Daughter 

B) granddaughters

C) father

D) siblings 

E) other
6) Fishing

A) fly fishing

B) other fishing styles

C) fly tackle

D) other tackle

E) fishing trips

7) Computers and video game machines

A) computers

   a) fltsims

   b) other PC games

B) PlayStation 4
So my posts should find itself in several of the categories.
Look forward to the post on the acquiring. of my new mobile setup soon.  I’ll also highlight my base camp and why I have it plus a house that sits empty down the road.


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May 3, 2016 at 11:33 pm

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