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The new look of CWP +

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Well I’m going to use CWP+ as my dairy from here on out.

My interests are as follows:

1) RVing and traveling

2) Shooting

3) Photography 

4) My military retirement

5) Family 

6) Fishing

7) Computers and video game machines
My post will fall under one of those six categories or sub categories of those as I will expand on them.

 Other posts will be about an upcoming trip to Albuqurque for some va appointments and the outcome of those appointments.  I might so shooting on the tail end of the trip if things work out.    The first actual post will consists of acquiring my mobile rig and what I did right and what I did wrong.  That trip is next week.  There will be a trip in June for the world championship of sass that I’ll try to cover.   Then there’s another repair run down to Anthony tx to camping world for so repair work.  

Another newish idea it to try and include a photo or maybe even a video clip to help show what I’m talking about or both.  So expect so more photos and movie clips in the future.
If it is photo related if possible I will try to show some behind the scenes photos or a movie clip.  Especially if it a photographic post.  If it’s about the equipment expect the bhs addon.
Just as a idea of how these will breakdown here it is. 

1) RVing and traveling

A) vehicles

B) trips

C) equipment

D) other
2) Shooting

A) Cowboy Action Shooting

B) Modern Shooting

C) Reloading

D) Guns

3) Photography 

A) Equipment

B) Shoots/Techniques/etc
4) My military retirement

A)USAF  issues

B) va issues

C) ssa issues

D) money issues

E) health issues
5) Family 

A) Daughter 

B) granddaughters

C) father

D) siblings 

E) other
6) Fishing

A) fly fishing

B) other fishing styles

C) fly tackle

D) other tackle

E) fishing trips

7) Computers and video game machines

A) computers

   a) fltsims

   b) other PC games

B) PlayStation 4
So my posts should find itself in several of the categories.
Look forward to the post on the acquiring. of my new mobile setup soon.  I’ll also highlight my base camp and why I have it plus a house that sits empty down the road.


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May 3, 2016 at 11:33 pm

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I’m in the design phase of developing an app similar to PhotoByte but the database will be much better

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I’m in the beginning steps of designing an app for the pc(at this time) that will track your gear, photos and hopefully your paperwork. I am taking info learned from using the PhotoByte.

The first phase will be to design an front end app that will connect to a database ( local access database at first then hopefully a way to migrate to a full SQL database later).

This app will allow you to add,edit, and track your equipment at first. Next ill add the paperwork trail to the program. Then hopefully add a database of your photos with links to normal XML data and exif info but also links to all paperwork that relates to this photo such as releases, sales contract, use agreements etc.

Once all this is working I will ask for useful additions to the app.

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May 8, 2013 at 11:29 pm

New used camera

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Well I received my new to me, used Canon 7D that I bought on the FM Forums swap shop. It’s not the first used camera I have purchased or will it be my last. The next will be one of the newer Canon 5D mk3s. But, that may be a few months down the road. My next major photo purchase will be a Canon EF100-400L lens. I’ve got some radio triggers to pay for on the first to add to my arsenal.

I’m starting a new blog just on photography over at I plan on walking thur the proper use of a camera then in to lighting a subject then who knows.the exact format has not been set yet, but I’m thinking of keeping this as my dairy of sorts. If there is something photographic related it will be posted there after the first of February and ill link you to it here. Everything else will be posted here.

No more motorcycle post since I’ve destroyed my bike back last March. But, hopefully ill start shooting again and traveling more. I’ve found if I have something to do each day it helps me find a purpose to getting out of bed, something I’ve not been doing much since March.

That’s it for today, ill post some shots from the camera and why I chose it later this month.

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January 25, 2013 at 5:00 pm

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Photography 101 – The Lighting Triangle

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The lighting triangle consists of three components. ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture make of the lighting triangle. Together you use the different setting to control the amount of light in each and every photograph.

ISO is the sensitivity to light that the film or sensor has. You use a low ISO in bright daylight and a high ISO in a dark setting. We use this to balance out the triangle after selecting the other two components.

Shutter Speed is the time it takes for the shutter to cycle fully. We select shutter speed to Tv when the need to capture a moving object is the priority for non flash photos. For flash photos the shutter speed selects the amount of ambient light that is used in a photo. Use a fast speed to darken the ambient light and use a slower speed to select more ambient light in the photo.

The last component is aperture. We select the aperture priority or Av mode when need to isolate the focus of am image. A large aperture will give you less of the image in focus. So a fast lens f2.8 or faster will give this option.a smaller aperture will give more of the image in focus. For a portrait you would use an large aperture and for a landscape image you use a smaller aperture. A lot of landscape and travel photogs use f8 as a starting point when photographing their subjects. Whereas a portrait photog would start with a larger aperture of f4 or larger.

So when you know this triangle and understand that you must balance these three things to get a properly exposed image. When working with flash shutter speed is limited by the type of shutter used by the camera. We will get into each of these in more detail in future articles. But remember that if you are shooting in aperture mode that either the shutter speed will change and if needed and configured on your camera the ISO might also change.

Till next time get out and shoot some photos.

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February 10, 2012 at 8:15 pm

20120120 Photo Shoot Part 2: The Selects

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Well as I promised, here are the first round selects from Friday’s portrait shoot. The we’re taken with a Canon 40D using off camera flash outdoors in one of Albuquerque’s city parks. See the specific flash setups in part one. Now for the images














Project 52: Week One Assignment – Who ARE You?

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Week one’s assignment is to:

“Tell us with a single paragraph what you want to be able to do with your images. Tell us what you do without telling us you are a photographer. Accompany that message with a single image taken around your home. Inside or out, make a photograph that adds insight into the mission statement you will be writing.”

Good thing I am blogging about this, and one of the reasons I am, I misunderstood the assignment in a way.

Ok for the written part of the assignment.

I’m one who wish to become a master light writer. Being of the left brain variety, technically motivated instead go the creative right brain type, I look at the how things are done with interest over the why of it. I look at others finish product and try to figure out what tools and how they were used. Learning from those who came before me and using the tools of the trade appropriately to create the idea final product. In using these tools correctly to craft the perfect final product I will become closer to becoming a master light writer.

Here comes some ideas on the photo part.

It is supposed to be a self portrait. I’m thinking of a photo with all the tools of lighting the stands, modifiers, grip, cables and such wrapped, laying on and attacking me. Or have everything on my left side organized with the stuff on the right in a shamble. What you think?

I will include any and all photo taken that I am considering on submitting here when they are produced.

My End Of Year Relavations for 2011

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I received an iPad for Christmas and have really enjoyed th enlarger screen for any tasks that I had become dependent on using my iPhone or even iPod touch before that. I’ve been exploring the many apps out there that interest me from online magazines which are more that a digital copy of their print version these have snippets or mini movies to expand on the printed text. To the remote operation of tasks on my PC. And everything in between.

The first things I got for the iPad was the camera connection kit and the only mil-spec case the – Survivor, made by Griffin. The only draw back to it is that the connector for the USB to iPad from the camera connection kit will not for the area allowed by the case. So I called Griffin and spoke with them as to making that correction in the next version of the case hoping that it already available but the case was not to be.

I then went about adding all the apps from my iPhone to the iPad. Most were real easy to add and sync but one. Two required and upgrade to the iPad version or a off line storage or external sync apps like Pocket Money. And then some there was no way to transfer the data and I will be manually adding the data later..

Now let’s review month by month what 2011 held for me

January.. I went to Joe NcNally’s Kelby training event in Atlanta. It wasn’t my first training session with the great Mr. McNally. I took almost all of his courses at Photoshop World West a couple of years ago and his class online at

February.. I do not recall much happening except watching the Super Bowl and a lot of ice in the mountains of NE Georgia.

March.. Well that was an bad month for me. While visiting my Dad in Athens Georgia my kidneys shut down and I took a ride to the ER in an ambulance. Awaking a couple of days later to find out that I broke two bones in my right foot and came within minutes of having to go on dialysis. Then spending a few days up on the ward not feeling well as well as sleeping and eating very little.

April.. Moved the rig to Albuquerque for the first of three SASS matches at the Founders Ranch outside of Edgewood NM. Since there was little of no practice prior to shooting and very little prep I had a good time and shot as expected.

May.. Very little happened in May that I recall.

June.. This month held the second annual match for Fiunders Ranch the grand daddy SASS match the world championship of SASS. Known to its followers as End of Trail or EOT. I shot the Wild Bunch match to be DQed on the 2nd stage. Then I went on to the SASS Match will some prep but not enough to make the top ten in my category. I felt that the first day of stages we too slow to be competitive. The second day was better but still I was lacking and had several ammo problems that I had to correct my hand loading enough ammo for the last day that evening. The third day was my best day by far of both matches.

Also in June was when my bloke went down. The timing chain tensioners went, allowing the timing chain to take out the oil pump and so on. And it continues to sit until I either give the $2700 to remove the motor and send it back to the factory to be rebuilt, and returned where they want the remaining balance to finish everything.

July…a few tips to the VA.



October.. I had surgery on my foot.m I wasn’t prepared for the toll it took on me.

November…still recovering..

December…I finally start to gather my energy and start to be able to function.