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Latest trip in the mobile rig

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Three weeks ago I took the mobile rig minus the ranger up to Albuqurque for a couple of Doctor appointments.  Trip up was ok.  Got there unloaded the smart car from the trailer hit the va. It was so hot and I had to wait over an hour I was getting nauseous.  Not sure if it was from the heat or altitude but the first couple days it felt it in the heat of the afternoon.  

Seven minutes into my first use of the new microwave it dies for good.  The as I was disconnecting from shore power and getting the car loaded on the trailer I got hot went inside tried to start the genset but the voltage was only 10 volts so I had to turn on the ignition to get it started so the AC worked while I’ll cooled down plus power to put the slides in.

It took me four hours to make it home after being stuck up there over the weekend because the wind started blowing Friday night so bad I was unable to sleep plus it tore the bedroom slide topper awning.sunday afternoon the wind started to die down finally.  The wind Saturday morning felt like a jet was parked behind me with the engines blowing right at me, sounded like also.  When I arrived home I started the genset after checking the voltage it was at 11 volts then after several hour of running the genset the voltage was down to 8 volts.  That conformed my thoughts the inverter was bad which suspossobily was repaired prior to my purchasing the Motorhome.  Guess it wasn’t.  Took it to camping world the following Friday.  Checked with them this week and the inverter was indeed bad.  So the inverter took out two microwaves, two Rv house batteries.  So In my opinion cw should cover all the costs of replacing the microwaves, both batteries and the inverter since the problems have been there all along. 

I hope to pick up the rig next week fully repaired.  That should give me time to verify repairs are complete befor I head back up to ABQ next month for a week and then up the pass to Edgewood for SASSs world championship dry campingfor another week then back to ABQ for several days before returning home.  Come back and I’ll post some photos of everything when it returns and at the ranch for the compitition.


Three a years running, I’ve be Hospitalized every spring for the past three years

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In march of 2011 I had my kidneys shut down, in the haze from it I broke my nose and two bones in my right foot. I came 20 minutes short of going on dialysis. I was hospitalized in Athens Regional Hospital in Athens Ga. Since I want able to assis with the intake some of my meds were switched on me I believe. Reason for the period is was coherent in the hospital and two days after I was hearing conversations that were not there. After two days being on good food my standard meds except what they dropped believing they were the cause of the kidneys shutting down. The voices faded and I became myself again. Two weeks later or so I was back on the road heading west to shoot the regional at Founders Ranch.

16 March 2012 I’m heading to lunch on my Harley and enter a curve and the front end started shaking really bad slow down straight line brake ended up in the other lane where a car saw the problem slow but didn’t stop I I ended up hitting it and totaling my bike and earn myself another trip to the ER. This time the damage was lt femur broken into three pieces, lt knee broken in two places, lt tibia and left fibula, plus my nose and bunch of road rash.

I spent most of the past year healing and rehab off and on. The lt leg gives certain problems while the right foot has it own set of problems. Match that with my back and neck I’ve got a whole lot to strengthen and work I can accomplish most of the tasks that I desire.

Now Friday before last, I woke up and felt like I just played the supper bowl and stanly cup as the ball and puck. Ny lt leg felt like the knee and the lower leg were both in vices. My right foot had two toes in bad pain. The big toe was hurting around the fusion area and the whole second toe was aching and discolored . My back was hurting, same with the neck. Even my scape was sore all over. I figured I got the flu and rested up over the weekend. Monday things were better except for the second toe which wasn’t looking good. Called the VA Clinic here in Alamogordo and was told to come in for a nurses walkin. I did the nurse elevated it to the new doc and she put me on some antibotics and told to fast and return on Wednesday morning which I did.

That appointment had several thing happening after checking in I start having a severe pain in the area of my heart. So they hooked me up to a EKG but they had no reference at this time. The new doc explained that there was a good chance I could lose the toe. She called in the old doc and he looked at it and said it looked like sausage. They got together and farmed me out to the ER at Albuquerque VA where podiatry could look at it. So I was told to head to the Abq va ER ASAP which turned out the next morning because of stuff that had to be done so I might be gone fore a while, pay lot rent, find someone to take care of the dog, and packing what I think I might want while I lay in a bed for a week. Then ihad two appointments that afternoon. But Thursday am I took off for ABQ. I got there around 1pm iirc. Showed up at the ER and they took some time to get me in a room but once I did they had to have podiatry and a few other specialities look at me two more kegs, some blood work, plus blood cultures. Around 6 hours after checking in I was finally admitted and another hour I was in a room on the ward. Luckily I was able to eat so they had a tray sent up for me. The next day the teams came by and poked and prodded and asked many questions. This happened everyday even the one I was discharged on. Between Thursday nite and Tuesday early afternoon they dressed the toe daily and pumped me through with not one but two antibotics thur the IV line.i asked Monday mornings session if Tuesday still looked good for going home and was told the toe was looking as good as they wish. During Tuesday morning session the podiatry doc that fussed my big toe stated it looked good enough to let me go home.. That the discharge orders would be coming. Well they arrived around 130 or 2 o’clock. I got the IV pulled and took a shower, packed and got the heck out. Took the stuff from the room to the truck. Went back in got mt travel pay and picked up my meds and supplies for maintaining my toe from the pharmacy.

Two things about staying in a VA Hospital vs staying in a civilian hospital.

1) you get paid from the va hospital for travel instead of having to pay the hospital for there services.

2) the civilian hospitals are all worried about insurance covering the stay and every little item that you receive where as the va hospital are concerned that you receive what care you need no matter how long it takes.

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May 8, 2013 at 11:14 pm

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My End Of Year Relavations for 2011

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I received an iPad for Christmas and have really enjoyed th enlarger screen for any tasks that I had become dependent on using my iPhone or even iPod touch before that. I’ve been exploring the many apps out there that interest me from online magazines which are more that a digital copy of their print version these have snippets or mini movies to expand on the printed text. To the remote operation of tasks on my PC. And everything in between.

The first things I got for the iPad was the camera connection kit and the only mil-spec case the – Survivor, made by Griffin. The only draw back to it is that the connector for the USB to iPad from the camera connection kit will not for the area allowed by the case. So I called Griffin and spoke with them as to making that correction in the next version of the case hoping that it already available but the case was not to be.

I then went about adding all the apps from my iPhone to the iPad. Most were real easy to add and sync but one. Two required and upgrade to the iPad version or a off line storage or external sync apps like Pocket Money. And then some there was no way to transfer the data and I will be manually adding the data later..

Now let’s review month by month what 2011 held for me

January.. I went to Joe NcNally’s Kelby training event in Atlanta. It wasn’t my first training session with the great Mr. McNally. I took almost all of his courses at Photoshop World West a couple of years ago and his class online at

February.. I do not recall much happening except watching the Super Bowl and a lot of ice in the mountains of NE Georgia.

March.. Well that was an bad month for me. While visiting my Dad in Athens Georgia my kidneys shut down and I took a ride to the ER in an ambulance. Awaking a couple of days later to find out that I broke two bones in my right foot and came within minutes of having to go on dialysis. Then spending a few days up on the ward not feeling well as well as sleeping and eating very little.

April.. Moved the rig to Albuquerque for the first of three SASS matches at the Founders Ranch outside of Edgewood NM. Since there was little of no practice prior to shooting and very little prep I had a good time and shot as expected.

May.. Very little happened in May that I recall.

June.. This month held the second annual match for Fiunders Ranch the grand daddy SASS match the world championship of SASS. Known to its followers as End of Trail or EOT. I shot the Wild Bunch match to be DQed on the 2nd stage. Then I went on to the SASS Match will some prep but not enough to make the top ten in my category. I felt that the first day of stages we too slow to be competitive. The second day was better but still I was lacking and had several ammo problems that I had to correct my hand loading enough ammo for the last day that evening. The third day was my best day by far of both matches.

Also in June was when my bloke went down. The timing chain tensioners went, allowing the timing chain to take out the oil pump and so on. And it continues to sit until I either give the $2700 to remove the motor and send it back to the factory to be rebuilt, and returned where they want the remaining balance to finish everything.

July…a few tips to the VA.



October.. I had surgery on my foot.m I wasn’t prepared for the toll it took on me.

November…still recovering..

December…I finally start to gather my energy and start to be able to function.

The last day before….

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Well after a late night loading software on the laptop I got bed and fell asleep around 5 am. I still having trouble with the network showing drives and stuff. Need access to load LR3 catalog so I can print out a photo for someone and burning a cd for someone else.

I got a note from the VA that I have an appointment on Tuesday the 21. Well that will not work since I have Wild Bunch RO training at that time. Called prosthetics and told them I was in town today could they fit me in. I was told to come on down. So I went in to order new shoes and inserts.

Went to put the gun cart together for the scooter and about every third piece was missing. I Couldn’t. Find one of the brackets that go between the cart and the scooter. Also, the box for the cart was seen. I was going to redesign to setup but doubt I have time to do it today. Looks like I will be using my Off The Wall cart and walking. Which might be better anyway because the cart in acting up my tripping something and takes forever to get anywhere.

Went by the ranch and it appears everything is ready.

Spoke with Gunther Cartright for a spell and the head west. Stop by a friends for salad and pizza. The headed further west to Wally world boy has it changed since Sam passed. Every year seams to get worst and worst. The shelves were bare and the isle around the open freezers was packed with pallets. No one was filling the shelves. Filled the buggy with what they had and headed home to put the stuff away and get things ready for a 6 am wake up and on the road by 7 to arrive by 8 for 9 am registration and safety brief. Good nite ya

ANother Trip to the VA

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Well today was the day of my weekly groups sessions at the VA.  It is Living with Chronic Medical Problems and runs from 12:30 to 1:30.  After the session I usually take my time and head over to travel where they fill out the paperwork for me to get my travel pay.  Normally by the time I make a call or two and drop my card off.  I get seated and start a conversation they call me up.  Today that wasn’t the case.  I head over from Building 1 to the Main Hospital and dropped and ask them to check if I had been validated so I could get paid.  Nope, so I head up to the 2nd floor to see about getting the process started for replacing my scooter that got damaged in an accident.  I wait up their for several minutes while the receptionist trys to contact the proper person.  After several attempts I am called back up and she wasn’t able to contact them so I left my info so they could contact me.  After that I go up to the 3rd floor to make an appointment with my Pain doctor.  Now I figure no problem and head back to the travel section and drop my card off as required.  about 30  minutes I am called up and they haven’t validated me for todays appointment.  And I am told that I need to head back to building 1 and get to update the system.  I ask her to call and she told me that she wasn’t allowed.  So I call don my Cell.  After several trys and getting the answering machine, I give up.  I walk over to patient relations and ask Zane to fix the problem as I fell that it is the VA’s responsibility to update the system and I have fulfilled my responsibilities.  After several minutes He has contacted the provided and they are updating the system.  Drop my card off for a third time and sit down in the crowded waiting area.  In about 5-10 minutes I am called to pick up my paperwork.I finally get paid around hour plus after my appointment.

From there I headed to Best Buy to buy some memory so that this machine will quit pausing in the middle of actions.  No 2 meg DDR Ram chips for a desktop.  So I end up with a Bluetooth keyboard to work with my Wacom 4 Wireless tablet.  and a Bride to replace the on e that went bad on my network here in the rv.  I use it to connect to the WiFi in the parks.  It was real simple to connect.  Netgear has their stuff setup so you can use a web interface to configure the hardware.  All I did was unbox it , plug it in to the wall and to my router’s WAN port and then got on the desktop and tried to surf the web the Netgear Config screen come up and with in 5 minutes I am online through my network.  I like it when things workout.  Later guy and gals I think it is time for bed.

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In Vegas for Photoshop World West

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Well I made it to Vegas this evening. Right now I am in the Warrior Inn on Nellis AFB. I got a room for tonight and tomorrow night here before moving to the Mandalay Bay Hotel for the main part of the convention. I left Home Monday morning, Stopped by the VA in ABQ to have the stitches removed from my mouth post the last surgery putting in the sockets for the implants on the lower right side. We made the final plan of my treatment. Install the two other implants sockets and then crown the rest of the bad teeth. Then all the crowns will be made together and we will be done. I stayed last night at billeting on Kirtland AFB and then stopped by the lab this morning to have some blood drawn and an hour late two hours later I was heading for Vegas.

The wind was bad as was the drivers. I only had one driver pull in front of me in the left lane where I didn’t have to hit the brakes to keep from running over them. And they must be working on every mile between Flagstaff and ABQ in 5 mile increments and twenty mile apart. Speed up slow down repeat many times.

Vegas almost looked deserted at 6pm when I drove in on Las Vegas Blvd. I had heard the town was taking the recession hard. Maybe that will help with the water problem this town has been in for the past decade or so.

Lake looked up from last year or down so much thaat I lost my markings will verify later.

Tomorrow I get up early and head to the convention for a Pre-Con and check-In. I am taking the Canon shoot seminar that starts a couple hours earlier than the rest of the half day seminars and a couple hours later than the full day ones.

I will post some photos tomorrow…

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September 29, 2009 at 9:12 pm

Quick note to Let all know that the photos from the 2009 NMT Labor Day Grand CMSA Match held the 5 & 6 of September 2009 will be here soon

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It has been about a week since my last post.  I got busy having dental surgery Thursday at the VA hospital in Albuquerque and I stayed over the night and went to the ZOO on Friday.  I will get those images up after the CMSA ones.  I then was busy photographing a CMSA match on Saturday and then trying to get everything up to sell on Sunday having nothing but computer trouble so not to many sales but a lot of potential sale contacts.  If you were a contestant and didn’t fill out a card for the free 8×10 then contact me with your email address with your name, address and phone number and I will email the proofs that I took of you if I can figure out which rider you were.  I hope that I can match up the go order list to my images but Saturday morning was another trying time during the first stage with getting everything synced up so I missed some contestants on that stage.  I had a couple of other bugs through out the day which will be corrected before the next event.  new techniques tried in test didn’t work so well at first in practice but by the second stage everything was operative.  I just was caught off guard a couple of times.  I am working on my procedures to prevent from distractions during the stages.  I hopefully will be able to do both sell and shoot in the future.  That is my goal to have the images ready when you come by to review them and place an order and be able to shoot every run of the event like I have in the past.  I see the need for some new equipment and practices.  And maybe a person to assist with the sells or shooting.

Keep coming back I will have the proofs up as soon as I have done the first run of post production to them.