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Latest trip in the mobile rig

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Three weeks ago I took the mobile rig minus the ranger up to Albuqurque for a couple of Doctor appointments.  Trip up was ok.  Got there unloaded the smart car from the trailer hit the va. It was so hot and I had to wait over an hour I was getting nauseous.  Not sure if it was from the heat or altitude but the first couple days it felt it in the heat of the afternoon.  

Seven minutes into my first use of the new microwave it dies for good.  The as I was disconnecting from shore power and getting the car loaded on the trailer I got hot went inside tried to start the genset but the voltage was only 10 volts so I had to turn on the ignition to get it started so the AC worked while I’ll cooled down plus power to put the slides in.

It took me four hours to make it home after being stuck up there over the weekend because the wind started blowing Friday night so bad I was unable to sleep plus it tore the bedroom slide topper awning.sunday afternoon the wind started to die down finally.  The wind Saturday morning felt like a jet was parked behind me with the engines blowing right at me, sounded like also.  When I arrived home I started the genset after checking the voltage it was at 11 volts then after several hour of running the genset the voltage was down to 8 volts.  That conformed my thoughts the inverter was bad which suspossobily was repaired prior to my purchasing the Motorhome.  Guess it wasn’t.  Took it to camping world the following Friday.  Checked with them this week and the inverter was indeed bad.  So the inverter took out two microwaves, two Rv house batteries.  So In my opinion cw should cover all the costs of replacing the microwaves, both batteries and the inverter since the problems have been there all along. 

I hope to pick up the rig next week fully repaired.  That should give me time to verify repairs are complete befor I head back up to ABQ next month for a week and then up the pass to Edgewood for SASSs world championship dry campingfor another week then back to ABQ for several days before returning home.  Come back and I’ll post some photos of everything when it returns and at the ranch for the compitition.


More on the fsx simpit

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ok I’m still working on my simpit and fsx.  For AC I’ve invested in the dhc-2 beaver, dhc-6 twin otter, c-130,c-17,c-27 and c5 plus others like the uh1, hh60.  I purchased a used VRInsight ProPit but that might have been a mistake.  I got it used, but the problem seems is there isn’t much support for adding different AC to it.  It come ready to work with three I know of for max the c172,c-182 and the mooney none of witch I plan on flying much except for the time in the book for getting my if r training iirc.  I made an order for another USB I/O card and switches for it.  The PhDs plug and play kit I got off ebay controls 20 switches and if I use the ones it came with will be 5 ea push button, toggle rocker and push button momentarily.  I ordered what seemed like a ton of switches I expected to use toggle on,off,on, and on, off with covers I think I ordered some momentarily on push buttons and one other switch as I recal.  The new ISO card is better from my understanding and will control up to 32 switches

On another note it’s time to get ready for sass world championship End of Trail match coming up next month.  I still need to reload some 38-55 for plainsman, I should have enought 38wcf for a warmup and main match but I’m taking the 45s along in case.  I figure for just the three matches warmup, main and plainsman I’ll nee the 28-55 handi rifle, two 73s one in 38 WCF and the other in 45 colt for backup I’ll need my roa for plainsman and my USFA SAAs for main match and Ruger Bisley Vaquero 45colt for bu.  next is the scatter guns, I’m taking my Remington spr 220 for plainsman and my 87 copy for main and ten for backup.  Then ammo for all.  Leather will be the same as my Kirtpatrick Long Hunter 09 holsters fit any of main match revolvers I have one set in black and another in russet.  The latter are new all are strong side holsters.  I have a couple other thing to work out also.  My boot chap or boats iirc need enlarging or remaking to fit me.  My chinks will be tight but I might need a few extension straps made to get them to work.  If everything goes right I’ll be dressed differently each day.  Plainsman will be pigskin pants and buckskin shirt, for warmup will be a shirt and pants, on main match day one will be one of these chaps, chinks or botas(boot chaps) a vest of one of two right now, one day will be in uniform so I’ll have to work hard to have the required items.  Unfortunately since my diabetes my feet require special boots and I’ll be wearing them other wise I would be bringing my earth walkers and that would give me a choice in footware.  But this year I’ll be wearing the same lace ups everyday.  Since I can’t move well I try to do two things dress differently every day and try to shoot clean.
I’ve got some money coming and plan on getting a SxS utv and enclosed trailer to carry everything in plus for the weekend events I plan on throwing a cot in it and using it for camping.  I’ll need a couple of things to make it homely for the weekend.  But if it gets me out the so much the better.
Till next time.

I got some great new yesterday

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Yesterday while I was busy preparing things for the move to Alamogordo I received a call from Jack, the service manager for Thunderbird HD here in Albuquerque.

A little history first. Back in June, I was busy running around taking taking care of things to get ready for shooting SASS’s EOT. Instead of moving the camper from Enchanted Trails and dry camping at the ranch for the week, I planned to stage my gear at the ranch with friends and only take the truck with the gear on the first day, warmup day for each match.

To start off with I planned to take the truck over with my Wild Bunch gear and my scooter/gun cart over on the WB warmup day shoot the warmup, stage my gear with a friend, bring the truck home. Nthen during the WB match ride the bike across the mountian each day. Then take the truck back over on the side match day shoot the side matches, pick up the WB gear and stage the Cowboy gear for that match. The ride the bike until the last day of the match. Then bring home all the gear. So IIRC (If I Remember Correctly) that may require me to drive the truck three days sand the bike five or six days.

As I was scheduling the bike for some prevented maintenance at Thunderbird for the week following EOT I went to leave an the oil light came on and the bike wasn’t running right so I pulled a U -Turn and back to the dealer. Well it looks like the problem that I was scheduling the bike to be repaired broke a week and a feedays early. Bad luck.

Well, it was closing time and the match stated the ext day. I eft the bike, called for a ride home and left the bike at Thubderbird. Jack, called me the next day a confirmed the suspensions that we had the previous day. The timing chain tensioner was severely worn and the chain took out the oil pump. And on a air cooled motor no oil is a very bad thing. It sounded like there was a knock in the lower end. The motor has around 35K miles on it. A little early for such things to wear out. I was aware that some motors were in need of rebuilding at 45K-60K. And was thinking I would tear it down replace the wore parts ad put it back together. I do have over a decade of aircraft maintenance experience and the shop manual. But when the knock occurred I felt it was above my abilities. So I got a quote for the repair.

The bill was for taking the motor out sending it to HD in Milwaukee. Have them tear it down. And rebuild it. Ship it back. And have Thunderbird reinstall it. This would give me a one year warranty on the motor and basically a new motor. This sounded great. I got Athens quote nd my jaw dropped. $3800 give or take depending if they found anything else wrong when they took it out.
I don’t have that laying around and ask if it would be ok to leave the bike there in the mean time. The answer was yes. I ask if there would be a fee for keeping the bike until if could come up with the money, no. So the bike has been there since June. I stopped by to put somea couple hounded down and start send some money every chance I could and was told that that wasn’t enough to to open a ticket it would take $2700. I didn’t have that much and have been thinking how to get that much money on my fixed income. nothing was coming to mind short or refinancing my house or selling some stuff.

Well, back to the future or actually yesterday. Jack called from Thunderbird HD and they ran the VIN from the bike and found out that I have an extended warranty until 2015.. And the repair job is only going to cost me $50. Yee ha,problem solved. If possible I have a policy of purchasing extended warrenties for high end items like laptops and vehicles. With my luck they pay off. But I forgot that i got one for the bike since I got it used. And hadn’t needed it I the year I had the bike.

So, I am very happy. I things go right I might have it back before I head to Arizona in few weeks.
I will request that they upgrade the tensioners to the better hydrollyic ones. And serif any other parts need to be upgraded to give the motor a better chance to make 100Kbefore need to be torn down again.

That’s it for today and here is a shot of me on it last year in Atlanta during one off there colder days.


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January 5, 2012 at 7:51 am

My End Of Year Relavations for 2011

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I received an iPad for Christmas and have really enjoyed th enlarger screen for any tasks that I had become dependent on using my iPhone or even iPod touch before that. I’ve been exploring the many apps out there that interest me from online magazines which are more that a digital copy of their print version these have snippets or mini movies to expand on the printed text. To the remote operation of tasks on my PC. And everything in between.

The first things I got for the iPad was the camera connection kit and the only mil-spec case the – Survivor, made by Griffin. The only draw back to it is that the connector for the USB to iPad from the camera connection kit will not for the area allowed by the case. So I called Griffin and spoke with them as to making that correction in the next version of the case hoping that it already available but the case was not to be.

I then went about adding all the apps from my iPhone to the iPad. Most were real easy to add and sync but one. Two required and upgrade to the iPad version or a off line storage or external sync apps like Pocket Money. And then some there was no way to transfer the data and I will be manually adding the data later..

Now let’s review month by month what 2011 held for me

January.. I went to Joe NcNally’s Kelby training event in Atlanta. It wasn’t my first training session with the great Mr. McNally. I took almost all of his courses at Photoshop World West a couple of years ago and his class online at

February.. I do not recall much happening except watching the Super Bowl and a lot of ice in the mountains of NE Georgia.

March.. Well that was an bad month for me. While visiting my Dad in Athens Georgia my kidneys shut down and I took a ride to the ER in an ambulance. Awaking a couple of days later to find out that I broke two bones in my right foot and came within minutes of having to go on dialysis. Then spending a few days up on the ward not feeling well as well as sleeping and eating very little.

April.. Moved the rig to Albuquerque for the first of three SASS matches at the Founders Ranch outside of Edgewood NM. Since there was little of no practice prior to shooting and very little prep I had a good time and shot as expected.

May.. Very little happened in May that I recall.

June.. This month held the second annual match for Fiunders Ranch the grand daddy SASS match the world championship of SASS. Known to its followers as End of Trail or EOT. I shot the Wild Bunch match to be DQed on the 2nd stage. Then I went on to the SASS Match will some prep but not enough to make the top ten in my category. I felt that the first day of stages we too slow to be competitive. The second day was better but still I was lacking and had several ammo problems that I had to correct my hand loading enough ammo for the last day that evening. The third day was my best day by far of both matches.

Also in June was when my bloke went down. The timing chain tensioners went, allowing the timing chain to take out the oil pump and so on. And it continues to sit until I either give the $2700 to remove the motor and send it back to the factory to be rebuilt, and returned where they want the remaining balance to finish everything.

July…a few tips to the VA.



October.. I had surgery on my foot.m I wasn’t prepared for the toll it took on me.

November…still recovering..

December…I finally start to gather my energy and start to be able to function.

The last day before….

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Well after a late night loading software on the laptop I got bed and fell asleep around 5 am. I still having trouble with the network showing drives and stuff. Need access to load LR3 catalog so I can print out a photo for someone and burning a cd for someone else.

I got a note from the VA that I have an appointment on Tuesday the 21. Well that will not work since I have Wild Bunch RO training at that time. Called prosthetics and told them I was in town today could they fit me in. I was told to come on down. So I went in to order new shoes and inserts.

Went to put the gun cart together for the scooter and about every third piece was missing. I Couldn’t. Find one of the brackets that go between the cart and the scooter. Also, the box for the cart was seen. I was going to redesign to setup but doubt I have time to do it today. Looks like I will be using my Off The Wall cart and walking. Which might be better anyway because the cart in acting up my tripping something and takes forever to get anywhere.

Went by the ranch and it appears everything is ready.

Spoke with Gunther Cartright for a spell and the head west. Stop by a friends for salad and pizza. The headed further west to Wally world boy has it changed since Sam passed. Every year seams to get worst and worst. The shelves were bare and the isle around the open freezers was packed with pallets. No one was filling the shelves. Filled the buggy with what they had and headed home to put the stuff away and get things ready for a 6 am wake up and on the road by 7 to arrive by 8 for 9 am registration and safety brief. Good nite ya

This post will cover several days info

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Well I been busy the last few days and wasn’t able to post anything.  But, I have several things to post so If I can remember correctly I will do it in a day by day format.  sop here it goes..

Wednesday I got paid and placed an order for some Tripp Magazine springs and followers in a rebuild kit.  These are top shelf parts that make my Chip McCormick mags bulletproof for the Wild Bunch match in a couple of weeks.  Then ran out to have lunch with Kurt and pay him for some stuff he had ordered for me.  We went to tan ATM and my card wouldn’t work so I went on to Subway and had lunch with him.  Went to the nearest Wells Fargo, in a corner of a Smiths.  The checked it and sure enough it was bad so they ordered me a new Visa Check card and an ATM card also.  Then over to Kirtland to get Diesel and there price was 11 cents higher than the Loves store down town, so much for saving 20% over the prices in the local community.  By then it was too late to head to Alamogordo.  So I did some shopping that needed to get done and headed back to the RV.

Thursday morning I got up and Shyanne(my dog) headed to Alamogordo I burned some podcasts and some of the KelbyTraining DVDs to my iPhone for the stretch from San Antonio to Alamogordo where the radio sucks.   We Load up and I stop at Loves put $150 in the tank.  We stop by Sonic and grap a bite to eat and ht the road.  I reset the trucks info center so I would be able to check miles and the computers average miles per gallon data.  We drive down and I am doing the speed limit on I 25 south which is 75.  When I turn off on to 380 I drop it a mph to 74.  then when I get on 54 I drop it to 64.  The drive is quiet and uneventful.

I go the BX at Holloman AFB to pickup 6 of the above mags that I had ordered through them last month. then head over to the house to pickup several items that were there and picked up two cases of Amsoil MP that I plan to sell at matches since I was down to my last couple of cans. then I grabbed a Tiger Buger from Hi-D-Ho and was on the way home.

While driving back I came to a conclusion to start reviewing the photobooks  that I have as I read them.  Most I have used as a reference material and never read them cover to cover before some I have and I will scan them for the main points and post them here.  I will be doing a chapter by chapter book report so to speak.  I will be posing those on Wednesdays starting next week with Chapter one From Syl Arena’s “Speedliters Handbook”.  This will help those that are not able to read them themselves and be in a concise format almost a bullet  point setup but in paragraph format.  So stay tuned and come back especially on Wednesdays.

Today I am catching up on my posting and about to start cutting out the parts of my new gun belt after I eat.

ANother Trip to the VA

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Well today was the day of my weekly groups sessions at the VA.  It is Living with Chronic Medical Problems and runs from 12:30 to 1:30.  After the session I usually take my time and head over to travel where they fill out the paperwork for me to get my travel pay.  Normally by the time I make a call or two and drop my card off.  I get seated and start a conversation they call me up.  Today that wasn’t the case.  I head over from Building 1 to the Main Hospital and dropped and ask them to check if I had been validated so I could get paid.  Nope, so I head up to the 2nd floor to see about getting the process started for replacing my scooter that got damaged in an accident.  I wait up their for several minutes while the receptionist trys to contact the proper person.  After several attempts I am called back up and she wasn’t able to contact them so I left my info so they could contact me.  After that I go up to the 3rd floor to make an appointment with my Pain doctor.  Now I figure no problem and head back to the travel section and drop my card off as required.  about 30  minutes I am called up and they haven’t validated me for todays appointment.  And I am told that I need to head back to building 1 and get to update the system.  I ask her to call and she told me that she wasn’t allowed.  So I call don my Cell.  After several trys and getting the answering machine, I give up.  I walk over to patient relations and ask Zane to fix the problem as I fell that it is the VA’s responsibility to update the system and I have fulfilled my responsibilities.  After several minutes He has contacted the provided and they are updating the system.  Drop my card off for a third time and sit down in the crowded waiting area.  In about 5-10 minutes I am called to pick up my paperwork.I finally get paid around hour plus after my appointment.

From there I headed to Best Buy to buy some memory so that this machine will quit pausing in the middle of actions.  No 2 meg DDR Ram chips for a desktop.  So I end up with a Bluetooth keyboard to work with my Wacom 4 Wireless tablet.  and a Bride to replace the on e that went bad on my network here in the rv.  I use it to connect to the WiFi in the parks.  It was real simple to connect.  Netgear has their stuff setup so you can use a web interface to configure the hardware.  All I did was unbox it , plug it in to the wall and to my router’s WAN port and then got on the desktop and tried to surf the web the Netgear Config screen come up and with in 5 minutes I am online through my network.  I like it when things workout.  Later guy and gals I think it is time for bed.

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June 1, 2011 at 2:01 am