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Latest trip in the mobile rig

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Three weeks ago I took the mobile rig minus the ranger up to Albuqurque for a couple of Doctor appointments.  Trip up was ok.  Got there unloaded the smart car from the trailer hit the va. It was so hot and I had to wait over an hour I was getting nauseous.  Not sure if it was from the heat or altitude but the first couple days it felt it in the heat of the afternoon.  

Seven minutes into my first use of the new microwave it dies for good.  The as I was disconnecting from shore power and getting the car loaded on the trailer I got hot went inside tried to start the genset but the voltage was only 10 volts so I had to turn on the ignition to get it started so the AC worked while I’ll cooled down plus power to put the slides in.

It took me four hours to make it home after being stuck up there over the weekend because the wind started blowing Friday night so bad I was unable to sleep plus it tore the bedroom slide topper awning.sunday afternoon the wind started to die down finally.  The wind Saturday morning felt like a jet was parked behind me with the engines blowing right at me, sounded like also.  When I arrived home I started the genset after checking the voltage it was at 11 volts then after several hour of running the genset the voltage was down to 8 volts.  That conformed my thoughts the inverter was bad which suspossobily was repaired prior to my purchasing the Motorhome.  Guess it wasn’t.  Took it to camping world the following Friday.  Checked with them this week and the inverter was indeed bad.  So the inverter took out two microwaves, two Rv house batteries.  So In my opinion cw should cover all the costs of replacing the microwaves, both batteries and the inverter since the problems have been there all along. 

I hope to pick up the rig next week fully repaired.  That should give me time to verify repairs are complete befor I head back up to ABQ next month for a week and then up the pass to Edgewood for SASSs world championship dry campingfor another week then back to ABQ for several days before returning home.  Come back and I’ll post some photos of everything when it returns and at the ranch for the compitition.


My Workflow for Post

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Well I’m running way behind in doing my post processing from SASS’s End Of Trail World ( EOT) Championship Match where I attended under a media pass in exchange for donating the images I shot.

One thing that needs bringing up is that I’m still recovering from a motorcycle accident that broke my left leg up. Check back to March for the details. It took a lot out of me and my stamina isn’t where it should be. I started importing and culling right after the event but decided today to start from scratch. Why has it taken so long? Well after seeing everyone having fun at EOT, I felt I was up to shooting a match the following weekend. That was the first of July. I managed to survive 4 out of the 6 stages. Long story short it took a week before I was able to walk and feel like I was human again.

Now some things to do before culling the images. Setup the Wacom Intuos Tablet for each stage of Culling and editing in Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS5.
Stage (1). Flagging the images. I set up the top four buttons on the tables to do the following:
Top button – it sends the ‘P’ key to select or pick the image which gives it a white flag.
Second button – it sends the ‘X’ key to reject the image and give it a black flag.
Third button – is setup to advance to the next image or you can use the wheel
Forth button – go back to the previous image or you can use the wheel

Now that we have the Wacom’s functions for Lightroom setup we need to save this info by using the Wacom File utility. I name it stage 1 Lightroom settings.

Next we set it up for stage 2, this is where set the color label. I use the four top buttons and set them up to match keys 6-9 the color labels. I use the following labels, people,animals, sports, and landscapes. Now using the Wacom File Utility to save this setup as Stage 2.

Next we set it up for Rating the images. The top button is used to increase the rating of the image and the second button is used to decrease the rating. Save this as Stage 3.

In Lightroom set it up to auto advance to save time.

Next we insert the CF card in the reader for coping the images from the card. I use several of the presets in the import window to rename the images and convert them to Adobe’s universal format, I also add generic keywords that apply to the images like location and subject. I also add my contact and copyright info to the images at this time. I also make a second copy to a separate drive. This drive is either a external hard drive that later copied or dumped to a network folder or if time allow I save it directly to this network folder.

After importing the images to Lightroom, I copy the CF card to a CD or DVD directly. Then I copy these folders to a network folder on a different drive than Lightroom copied to. So now I have my raw images in five locations the two Lightroom used, the network drive I copied to, the CD OR DVD and the CF card. Once I verify the data in Lightroom, the folder Lightroom used and the folder I copied to I store the CD/DVD I can format the CF Card in the camera.

Now we can get to selecting the images we will work with and deliver to our client.

I go select all the folders for the event by holding down the shift key after selecting the first folder then selecting the last folder it highlight all in between. I load up my settings for Stage 1 on the Wacom. I go through flagging the keepers and rejectings those that are not to standard.

Then we switch to stage 2 for the Wacom and assign color labels for the keepers. This gives use a second look at the images to see if we missed something during stage 1.

We select stage 3 for the Wacom and bump up the ratings on the ones that I’m liking and we go thur the images over a couple of times to rate the images. Once we get to our select images I stack similar images together. Once I’m done with stacking the images I compare each stack bumping the rating until I end up with the best starting image of the group or stack.

The final selects will be the ones I’ll take to the develop module. I’ll go ahead a publish this now and send out updates to it if needed. This is the beginning of my post production workflow. Next time we will cover the Develop Module and any correction additions o the library module.

The leg 5 days after the skin graft

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Well they came today and took the bandages off free the skin graft that was preformed last Thursday . Here re several photos up close a personal of the wounds.






Everything appears to being healing well. So, I just go with the flow until something happens.

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March 27, 2012 at 12:33 pm

Bike wreck part two. The bike

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Well a friend who is helping me out while I’m in the hospital took these photos of my bike and posted. Them to her face page photos. Here they are



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March 26, 2012 at 5:02 pm

Well it’s been awhile

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Well week ago last Friday I wrecked the bike and didn’t walk away. I went into the turn near Double Eagle Airport on Paseo Del Norte West. And the front end began to wobble like crazy. I’m not sure why,was it oil, debris, or something else? But, the fact remains I wasn’t able to turn the bike like normal. Blue bike Hit car Numb nuts leg, Was in between. I broke every bone in the leg according to Ortho. It has a bunch of pins/screws and plates holding it together now. A little road rash here. And there and I’m good now that they finally were able to get a good X-ray of my c-spine and the collar was removed.

I. Can’t say enough praises for UNM trama care, And the Ortho wing 3 South.

Now here are some shots of my leg as it was prior to the skin graft


and. A close up of the non crital wound on my left leg


And a over looking shot of my left leg with the wound vac attached.


More stuff to come.. X-rays on the hardware and more pics as they Become available.

Project 52 Week Five Weather

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For week five of the Project 52 the assignment was to submit three images supporting your position of how the weather is affecting you, or something to that effect.

I took several photos of the Winter Storm we just had and a few of the one befor it to support that this winter is a wetter one for New Mexico and because of it I’m not able to ride as much.

Now I got to select and post the three images and combine time into one for uploading to flickr later today to link to the Project 52 Web page for review tonight.

As for the next assignment Chocolate I’m having a problem keeping it in stock to shoot.

20120120 Photo Shoot Part 2: The Selects

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Well as I promised, here are the first round selects from Friday’s portrait shoot. The we’re taken with a Canon 40D using off camera flash outdoors in one of Albuquerque’s city parks. See the specific flash setups in part one. Now for the images