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More on the fsx simpit

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ok I’m still working on my simpit and fsx.  For AC I’ve invested in the dhc-2 beaver, dhc-6 twin otter, c-130,c-17,c-27 and c5 plus others like the uh1, hh60.  I purchased a used VRInsight ProPit but that might have been a mistake.  I got it used, but the problem seems is there isn’t much support for adding different AC to it.  It come ready to work with three I know of for max the c172,c-182 and the mooney none of witch I plan on flying much except for the time in the book for getting my if r training iirc.  I made an order for another USB I/O card and switches for it.  The PhDs plug and play kit I got off ebay controls 20 switches and if I use the ones it came with will be 5 ea push button, toggle rocker and push button momentarily.  I ordered what seemed like a ton of switches I expected to use toggle on,off,on, and on, off with covers I think I ordered some momentarily on push buttons and one other switch as I recal.  The new ISO card is better from my understanding and will control up to 32 switches

On another note it’s time to get ready for sass world championship End of Trail match coming up next month.  I still need to reload some 38-55 for plainsman, I should have enought 38wcf for a warmup and main match but I’m taking the 45s along in case.  I figure for just the three matches warmup, main and plainsman I’ll nee the 28-55 handi rifle, two 73s one in 38 WCF and the other in 45 colt for backup I’ll need my roa for plainsman and my USFA SAAs for main match and Ruger Bisley Vaquero 45colt for bu.  next is the scatter guns, I’m taking my Remington spr 220 for plainsman and my 87 copy for main and ten for backup.  Then ammo for all.  Leather will be the same as my Kirtpatrick Long Hunter 09 holsters fit any of main match revolvers I have one set in black and another in russet.  The latter are new all are strong side holsters.  I have a couple other thing to work out also.  My boot chap or boats iirc need enlarging or remaking to fit me.  My chinks will be tight but I might need a few extension straps made to get them to work.  If everything goes right I’ll be dressed differently each day.  Plainsman will be pigskin pants and buckskin shirt, for warmup will be a shirt and pants, on main match day one will be one of these chaps, chinks or botas(boot chaps) a vest of one of two right now, one day will be in uniform so I’ll have to work hard to have the required items.  Unfortunately since my diabetes my feet require special boots and I’ll be wearing them other wise I would be bringing my earth walkers and that would give me a choice in footware.  But this year I’ll be wearing the same lace ups everyday.  Since I can’t move well I try to do two things dress differently every day and try to shoot clean.
I’ve got some money coming and plan on getting a SxS utv and enclosed trailer to carry everything in plus for the weekend events I plan on throwing a cot in it and using it for camping.  I’ll need a couple of things to make it homely for the weekend.  But if it gets me out the so much the better.
Till next time.


Project 52 Week three

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Well week two went by fast and I shot a waitress from Buffalo Wild Wings for my portrait of a stranger and the only thing Don said was it was a portrait of a stranger as he briefly critiqued each entry.

Backing up to week one my statement was a goal and not a vision statement Don said.

Week three create a still life that represents calm and relaxed.

Well I have plenty of images that portray those qualities but he wants us to use props to create or make this still life instead of finding a subject in nature.

I started off with two ideas and posted those on these forums. The Canon on the Net, Fred Miranda, ans photo Camel. I got two replies to my call for help and both are gonna get shot tomorrow when I shoot everything for this assignment.

My first idea was to shoot my iPad and paste in one of the relaxing sunsets/ sunrises that I have shot. Have the background be blown out white.

My second thought was to take my Bible and put it on a black lap tray on a black background and shoot a page like Plsams 100 .

One idea that was suggested was to take my motorcycle gloves and keys and shoot them as if I’m preparing to go for a ride. I will shoot this but I will also expand it several times to put the glove, helmet and keys on my orange and black Harley Davidson jacket. The expand that to my complete outfit, from head to toes, layer out on the sofa like the rider is relaxing on the sofa but the rider is invisible and it is just the gear.

My last track is centered around my cowboy action shooting where I shoot just the guns on one of my Indian War Era uniform shirts/ Jackets to my full shooting gear layer out as if I was getting outfitted to go shoot or having returned and taken everything off. I will try it with several gun combos and might even shoot my modern three gun guns.

Here is a Sunset I shot while I’ve been in Albuquerque this time.


I will try to upload some of the final images that I shoot for Week Three’s assignment as well as post week two’s image later this week.