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After retiring from the USAF in 2002 I have found that my interests rotate around these four areas plus my frequent visits to the regional VA Hospital. I have enjoyed photography since I was a boy I beleive I received my first 35mm camera a Argus viewfinder camera when I was 10 or 11. I was able to read and learn much from a series of Kodak books that were available at a local store. I was with my Grandparents and we traveled a lot on weekends. Visiting Relatives and places all over North and South Carolina. After a year or two with the Rangefinder camera I got my first of several 35mm SLRs. I then was the Photographer for my High School Paper and doing some work for the yearbook from time to time. After graduating HS I was contacted by a local weekly publication to shoot and process photos of various events mainly sports. In the Military I was stationed in the UK from 1982-84, North Carolina from 1984-87, Alaska from 1987-91 and New Mexico from 1991.

One other area I have enjoyed since my childhood was fishing, mainly now I enjoy fly fishing.

After retiring I began doing leatherwork. Looking for someplace to sell some work I discovered cowboy action shooting CAS.

I started shooting in 2005 and became an ROII range Officer II under SASS, a RSO and Basic Instructor with the NRA. I enjoy shooting action type matches since every one is different. You shoot against yourself and the clock.

Since shooting I have learned some basic gunsmithing skills enough to maintain my own firearms.

SASS Shooting Titles

2011 Buffalo Stampede 2nd place Frontiersman

2008 Buffalo Stampede 3rd place Frontiersman

I also enjoy riding motorcycles and currently I am riding a 2006 Harley Davidson Ultra Glide.


In the future I will update this page to be a more comprehensive history of my life.


Written by Blackey’s Blog

January 12, 2009 at 9:50 pm

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