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Verde Valley Range Wars

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This past weekend I visit an area between Cottonwood Az and Sedona Az called the Verde Valley.  It was about six hours from Albuquerque where is was at the time. I drove the moble rig over.  That’s the Jayco Seneca 35f deisel powered super c Motorhome pulling my look 20′ enclosed trailer with at a minimum I.side was my Polaris ranger, smartcar and rugged gear gun cart.  Knowing the setup as I do now I would have made arrangements to leave the trailer behind all I used out of it was the gun cart never unloaded the car or ranger which I thought I might need. 

The drive over was anything but pleasant, with the cross wind from the south the whole time and less that respectful drivers.  Never fails I need to change lanes and someone is either in my blind spot or pulling out of it.i think I stopped twice one the way over to rest one was a short bathroom and snack break the other was a two hour watch something to unwind break plus bathroom and a meal IIRC.  Then hit flagstaff about dark and going down the hills on i17 required a engine brake or excellent non air brakes.  Then get to the campground that I had called ahead left a requirement for a 60-70′ pull though with 50 amps as I was pulling a trailer and it needed to be astraight shot in and out as the rig didn’t turn that well.  Get there and for some reason they need more money from for the nights stay which should have been covered.  I drive in the large park by the map they gave me.  But in reality what I saw was one of the most piled upon sites on top of each other row by row.  After I pulled back to the gate and asked to be showed my spot I had to turn around to have them escort me to the sight .  In turning around after asking the gate person I was instructed to use the next street to turn around this girl must never driven anything larger than the gem runabout she had to run around the park in.  I try at a place with a pullout thinking it might work.  Well it got the motor home perpendicular to the road will the trailer parallel with the road no way to go forward no way to go backwards.  At that time I knew it was going to hurt to get unstuck from this turn.  I continue Ina’s much as I can pulling forward and moving the trailer but I wasn’t doing any good so I took a deep breath and powered forward Jack knifing the trailer and Motorhome I get the rig straight and stop jump out to see the damage left rear corner of the Motorhome the fiberglass is cracked the left lens cover is broken and the alignment of the lhs doors is jam forward had to un pry several doors to open them.  Now the trailer took the brunt of the damage its a v nose and the left hand side is caved in torn wrinkled diamond plate then inside the trailer the counter that’s the inside of the generator bay is push back and away from the wall.  Insurance has been contacted and sounds like once I get a bid on repar ring everything and they send out the adjuster looks like it will be covered minus my deductible.
So the young lady escorts me to a site it looked like a picnic table along the trail when she first showed it to me then we drive around and I start pulling in . There are rocks that will prevent me from pulling out when the time comes the next day, she says they’ll move the large rocks, ok then I inquire where the hookups are and they are on the wrong side and so far from my electrical hookup that the cable had no chance to reach. By this time all I want is a 50 amp outlet with 70′ foot of parking space. Didn’t happen she’s says there a man coming to help park me somewhere ten minutes later she’s back and telling me I’m going to have to drop my trailer at some parking lot and then try to fit in a space like the one I’m half in.  I tell her the reason I called ahead was to get a long pull thru with hookups.  So I say I’m leaving and it their fault and I exspect a refund , which was back in my account the next day as promised.  I drove back to i17 stopping for fuel along the way.  I asked a rollback wrecker driver a few questions to determine the closest suitable place for me to park for the night.  It was the mcquireville north rest area.  I pull in and grap the first lane next to the grass so the dog would have a place to go.  Ran the genset all night and fell asleep about two am.  Woke the next morning around 7 or so. Fixed breakfast and routed a way to the shoot I was there for.  Since I was on the north bound side I figured if I caught the road at Sedona and headed south thing would be best.  After doing it I sould have turned around at the next opertunity and drove to the cottonwood end of the road then done the upturn to get to the Forrest road. The Forrest road wasn’t paved it wasn’t even level across it they were ruts that just wasn’t possible to remove but the rig made it in and out without problems.  It’s Friday they have a wild bunch match and long range events going on nothing I’m in to.  I spend some time with my friend Johnny meadows and do all the paperwork requirements then head back to the rig to unwind from the drives the day before and that day. It had taken a lot out of me a little before dark I unload the gun cart, guns and gear I was going to be needing.  I get everything setup in the living room of the rig cheched each rifle😕/pistol round with a gauge designed for that cartridge would have also checked the shotgun ammo if I was shooting a SxS but I was shooting my 87 copy so it wasn’t needed.  I laid everything by the door so it would be handy.  

Off to bed I went for sleep.  Woke around 6 local time laid in bed til 630 got up got dressed, took meds ate breakfast then put on the gear for my category of classic cowboy.i put on a set of chinks and cowboy cuffs to match with the scarf, arm garters and suspenders I already was wearing it made the minimum items required I threw on my vest with watch for the pockets but that added two more items, once I put on my gun belt I would add another for the knife on it.  I took off the vest before shooting as it was hot.  First stage of the match I missed a target. So no clean match, missed another target the second day.  But I forgot my ammo the first day along with a couple of other items frank Stilwell offered to go back and get the items for me he came back with the wrong ammo this stuff wasn’t checked so I’m checking it as I put it in the box or on the loading block that use at the loading table.  I run short and another friend offers to go and get the right ammo but he couldn’t find it my camera case had fallen on it.  I make the third trip and get the correct ammo finally.  Finish shooting I’m hot and go take off the sweaty shirt and pants for shorts and a tshirt eat a salad and lay down to rest I never get up except to eat or take my nighttime meds. 
Sunday morning I change the items I’m required for my category to botas with matching cowboy cuffs no vest or watch.  I load the guns up, load the other stuff up like grabber and umbrella throw in my Gatorade then my ammo is loaded lastly a stool for me to sit on is added to the cart I Meetup with frank and Johnny and they ask if I got everything which I. Did so I was allowed to,proceed to the bay we were shooting on first.  Shot the six stages then I head back to the rig unloaded the gun cart, ate a salad and rested until I figured it was time for the awards.

The awards was a combination of awards for shooting and raffle prizes being drawn and door prizes being handed out.  I won a ziplock bag full of gun covers two each and two pairs of arm garters something I wear for my category.  Later on the called my name as a top five winner in my category and I received a mug.  Then later own they gave out two all fees paid certificates to the slowest two shooters who shot both day and I was the recepiant of one of those.  After awards a visited with Sid and old friend I haven’t seen in awhile.  After that headed to the rig to don shorts and a tshirt as the match was dinner and rested after loading the cart back in the trailer.  
Next morning awoke early eat breakfast took meds and prepped the rig for travel gather the garbage up and took it out.  Pulled the slides in and stepped out to say good by to Johnny . Started the rig up turned it in a big loop avoiding shrubs and rocks and got it heading out.  I ask Johnny if he needed any help I could offer and he said he had it covered we said so long until winter range the next match we should see each other at.  I eased it back to the road to cottonwood then east to i17 then that to flagstaff where I got on i40 east.  No wind so the drive was better heading back to ABQ.  I stopped after getting on i40 at a flying J for fuel parked the rig and went in Denny’s for breakfast.  My play was to split the drive in to two days so I could watch Atlanta beat New Orleans and so I didn’t arrive so early in the week that I might have to leave too early in the week before the fandango match ideally I want to leave the day prior to the CAS match starting since I’ll be dry camping.  I saw that us are park in Gallup had great reviews and you could get bbs delievered to your rig for dinner so I ordered two meals for dinner no lunch.  I had to dry camp as I was the first not to get hookups, bummer.  Next morning we prepare for the rest of the drive to ABQ about a two to three hour trip depending on stops, road construction etc.  I stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast and the head the rest of the way back to ABQ. Before hitting the highway I called Famcamp at Kirtland AFB to see how many spots were open eight or nine I was told.  No more stops lets get there and one of those spots.  Well we arrive some two plus hours later they had one open spot but it wasn’t long enough for the Motorhome and trailer so I chose to dry camp one more night then try for one of the east side pull thrus that will open tomorrow.
That’s it for today except I did hit up the Commisary for food that was in short supply prior to that trip.  


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September 27, 2016 at 11:18 pm

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