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Flt sim simpit redesign

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well when you first don’t succeed, try again.  Well the more I played with setting up ms fsx on the SSD the more mistakes I found that I made.  While this is just temporary until the new ssds and the repaired psu arrive at this time I’m trying to learn from using my laptop with the single SSD.  I made several mistakes as I went along.  The first is installing it to the default location, windows treats program file (x64) like a special folder and all it sub folders.  So it gave me fits when trying to move files there or rearrange file already there.  So I uninstalled fsx and all the other programs that I loaded for it.  Then started moving files from the c: drive to the d: drive if they were library type files otherwise non application files.  That’s were we are at with the laptop not to mention troubleshooting white my optical drive isn’t showing up as a DVD drive. This I think is a bios setting since the laptop was running win 8 before putting in the SSD already loaded since I just copied my HDD in my other laptop of the same type.  

Next with the simpit hardware we got the brackets made for the throttle quads and the one for the trim wheel the were made out of an .125 inch aluminum and along with the items attached to them the sag at the ends.  So I’m gonna have to see how to bear up the strips of metal attached to the wheel stand pro.  It’s not overly sturdy to begin with but its build to be portable so you can remove it when your not using it and stow it in a closet.  Not that I have one for it.

So the only productive thing I got done was load up fsx and choose the new twin otter extended and use its panel views to help design my generic switch panel I’m hoping to build shortly.  Base on the sixes of the Saitek panels I have the panel size will be 7×11 inches.  The first two panels that will be added to it will be the eng start panel or the upper left panel and the windshield panel or upper right panel.  The upper panel is the power levers for the left and right engines, the propeller levers for both engines and the mixture lever for both engines as I recall plus their tensioner so.  So if they are any switches on it they will be added next.  If not I might look to the fire panel.

I have most od the default lighting switches on the Saitek switch panel.  So I hit the lighting panel last and just program some of the existing switches to the lights that aren’t supported on the switch panel.  I’ve got a bid in on a VRInsight pro prop panel which will give me all my gauges and a gps with working switches and knobs.  We’ll see if I end up with it before going any further in reproducing rotary encoders for the navy and com items that I don’t currently have.  Still the idea is cold and dark to cold and dark without the keyboard or mouse.  The main thing I’m investigating next is if and how the mode switch on the yoke works and how I can use it to my benefit.  Plus programming the switches on the Saitek hardware to pull up the act menu select the option and close the act window.  As that should take between ten or more switches if I’m correct.  Read the users guide for fsuipc4 and will start the advance ug soon.  But I still need to fix the laptop reinstall the software before too long or the desktop parts might show up and my attention will turn to it.

Well that’s it til next time when I hope to have some photos to show where we are at.


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May 17, 2015 at 8:07 am

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