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Been a long time since I wrote anything but that’s about to change

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I’m doing several thing with my computers some related to photography . Most of it is one way or the other. I’m rebuilding my network to make the most of the three different nas that I have actual there four but I’m not sure how the apple one will work out. I will tell you about them in the order I got them. First was the Net Gear Stora. Next came the apple time capsule. Then the Buffalo quad ?. Just recently I got a Synology unit it holds two internal and has two usb3 ports for external drives. I like the last unit and the buffalo unit the most the offer among other things a iTunes server plus other apps let’s call them. The Synology unit has something that im was interested in for the surveillance module.

Also I’m going to be working on my photo library using Lightroom cc and photoshop cc. Lightroom will organize smog other things. I also use HDR ? And on ones perfect photo suite. I hope to give details on using a central master library in lr and temp catalogs on laptops and how everything is setup what hardware is used and how.

I also have another personal project. I’m going to try to write my own version of the old photobyte program. I’m wanting to modernize it using vs6. Which is the 1998 version of the software iirc.

Plus ant photo trips or sass shoots I go to. If I can first find all my go pro stuff and get it to work I will wear it while im shooting and place down range in a safe place to get some unique views of what we do. I will also use it for some bhs ( behind the scenes) of some of my photography stuff from shoots to gear packing to tutorials of some of the gear like my quantum Qflash and elinchrom Quadra lites.

So hopefully this will get better or at least informative here in the future. Plus some articles for my other board which will be educational material for photography. The bhs stuff here the tutorials there.

Also will be doing stuff around the Rv from figuring out where every thing will be stored out of the way unlike now where there in the way most of the time. What I’m going to do is position my pelican cases and the pack Rubbermaid bins and drawers for the bedroom in the living room and kitchen items will be stored in the cabinets provided. Hopefully the bins will not have to be stored in the loft just fishing gear, and leather working tools and supplies. Now the shop will have a second table a 8 ft if I still have it and can get it the bins will go under it and the current table. But a walkway will be kept clear unlike now where everything was throw back there while I was in the hospital that I’ve still not completely fixed. One thing is the bins will be used to limit what I keep on the RV. By limiting the number of bin ti ome for some item two max for any sets of items. Some can be stored in the pass thru basement storage area and maybe an overflow bin or two might go I. The front area designed for a generator but mines in the back of the truck so two sets of batteries plus other gear are hosted in there currently.

So as you can see there is a lot that needs done plus some fun items will be written about hear. If I ever start RVing around more that will go here or a new blog . But right now I’m ok where I’m at the winter are quite mild now to find a summer location . Plus I’m wanting to visit my family in charleston sc and outside Athens ga. If I go in the next couple months it be me the dog and the truck and what I can fit in the truck because the Rv will be staying put with several friends watching it while I’m gone.

Well basically this is my life coming up. I not sure if there will be a schedule or if it is as it happens. But if I do something I will write about it. Have a safe All Hallows’ eve(Halloween) next week.


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October 26, 2014 at 5:51 pm

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