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Three a years running, I’ve be Hospitalized every spring for the past three years

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In march of 2011 I had my kidneys shut down, in the haze from it I broke my nose and two bones in my right foot. I came 20 minutes short of going on dialysis. I was hospitalized in Athens Regional Hospital in Athens Ga. Since I want able to assis with the intake some of my meds were switched on me I believe. Reason for the period is was coherent in the hospital and two days after I was hearing conversations that were not there. After two days being on good food my standard meds except what they dropped believing they were the cause of the kidneys shutting down. The voices faded and I became myself again. Two weeks later or so I was back on the road heading west to shoot the regional at Founders Ranch.

16 March 2012 I’m heading to lunch on my Harley and enter a curve and the front end started shaking really bad slow down straight line brake ended up in the other lane where a car saw the problem slow but didn’t stop I I ended up hitting it and totaling my bike and earn myself another trip to the ER. This time the damage was lt femur broken into three pieces, lt knee broken in two places, lt tibia and left fibula, plus my nose and bunch of road rash.

I spent most of the past year healing and rehab off and on. The lt leg gives certain problems while the right foot has it own set of problems. Match that with my back and neck I’ve got a whole lot to strengthen and work I can accomplish most of the tasks that I desire.

Now Friday before last, I woke up and felt like I just played the supper bowl and stanly cup as the ball and puck. Ny lt leg felt like the knee and the lower leg were both in vices. My right foot had two toes in bad pain. The big toe was hurting around the fusion area and the whole second toe was aching and discolored . My back was hurting, same with the neck. Even my scape was sore all over. I figured I got the flu and rested up over the weekend. Monday things were better except for the second toe which wasn’t looking good. Called the VA Clinic here in Alamogordo and was told to come in for a nurses walkin. I did the nurse elevated it to the new doc and she put me on some antibotics and told to fast and return on Wednesday morning which I did.

That appointment had several thing happening after checking in I start having a severe pain in the area of my heart. So they hooked me up to a EKG but they had no reference at this time. The new doc explained that there was a good chance I could lose the toe. She called in the old doc and he looked at it and said it looked like sausage. They got together and farmed me out to the ER at Albuquerque VA where podiatry could look at it. So I was told to head to the Abq va ER ASAP which turned out the next morning because of stuff that had to be done so I might be gone fore a while, pay lot rent, find someone to take care of the dog, and packing what I think I might want while I lay in a bed for a week. Then ihad two appointments that afternoon. But Thursday am I took off for ABQ. I got there around 1pm iirc. Showed up at the ER and they took some time to get me in a room but once I did they had to have podiatry and a few other specialities look at me two more kegs, some blood work, plus blood cultures. Around 6 hours after checking in I was finally admitted and another hour I was in a room on the ward. Luckily I was able to eat so they had a tray sent up for me. The next day the teams came by and poked and prodded and asked many questions. This happened everyday even the one I was discharged on. Between Thursday nite and Tuesday early afternoon they dressed the toe daily and pumped me through with not one but two antibotics thur the IV line.i asked Monday mornings session if Tuesday still looked good for going home and was told the toe was looking as good as they wish. During Tuesday morning session the podiatry doc that fussed my big toe stated it looked good enough to let me go home.. That the discharge orders would be coming. Well they arrived around 130 or 2 o’clock. I got the IV pulled and took a shower, packed and got the heck out. Took the stuff from the room to the truck. Went back in got mt travel pay and picked up my meds and supplies for maintaining my toe from the pharmacy.

Two things about staying in a VA Hospital vs staying in a civilian hospital.

1) you get paid from the va hospital for travel instead of having to pay the hospital for there services.

2) the civilian hospitals are all worried about insurance covering the stay and every little item that you receive where as the va hospital are concerned that you receive what care you need no matter how long it takes.


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May 8, 2013 at 11:14 pm

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