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Well I received my new to me, used Canon 7D that I bought on the FM Forums swap shop. It’s not the first used camera I have purchased or will it be my last. The next will be one of the newer Canon 5D mk3s. But, that may be a few months down the road. My next major photo purchase will be a Canon EF100-400L lens. I’ve got some radio triggers to pay for on the first to add to my arsenal.

I’m starting a new blog just on photography over at I plan on walking thur the proper use of a camera then in to lighting a subject then who knows.the exact format has not been set yet, but I’m thinking of keeping this as my dairy of sorts. If there is something photographic related it will be posted there after the first of February and ill link you to it here. Everything else will be posted here.

No more motorcycle post since I’ve destroyed my bike back last March. But, hopefully ill start shooting again and traveling more. I’ve found if I have something to do each day it helps me find a purpose to getting out of bed, something I’ve not been doing much since March.

That’s it for today, ill post some shots from the camera and why I chose it later this month.


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January 25, 2013 at 5:00 pm

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