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Well week ago last Friday I wrecked the bike and didn’t walk away. I went into the turn near Double Eagle Airport on Paseo Del Norte West. And the front end began to wobble like crazy. I’m not sure why,was it oil, debris, or something else? But, the fact remains I wasn’t able to turn the bike like normal. Blue bike Hit car Numb nuts leg, Was in between. I broke every bone in the leg according to Ortho. It has a bunch of pins/screws and plates holding it together now. A little road rash here. And there and I’m good now that they finally were able to get a good X-ray of my c-spine and the collar was removed.

I. Can’t say enough praises for UNM trama care, And the Ortho wing 3 South.

Now here are some shots of my leg as it was prior to the skin graft


and. A close up of the non crital wound on my left leg


And a over looking shot of my left leg with the wound vac attached.


More stuff to come.. X-rays on the hardware and more pics as they Become available.


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  1. Can’t really hit the like button but, get well soon.

    Stevie D

    March 26, 2012 at 11:48 pm

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