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Well I broke down and went and got an some new stuff. I got an Mac Mini or Mini Mac as I refer to it. I did this for a few reasons. The major one was so I would have a platform to develop an iPad app I have in mind. Then I got Apple TV to make it convenient to watch the movies from my iTunes account. Podcasts are also easier. No more carrying the laptop to bed to watch those late night podcasts when I can’t sleep. I got a 3TB TimeCapsule for backing up my computers to I will use it to mirror the Netgear NAS that I already had.

The MiniMac is still being setup with all the apps and programs that I need on it.i will be adding the PlayStation 3d monitor later today to it and my PlayStation.

I have heard that Lion, Mac OS For the Mini, has problems connecting with the Netgear routers so I may have to use the Time Capsule as an access point also. I will be trying to configure my old Belkin router as an bridge between my router and the wifi in the RV parks I stay in, let you know how that turns out later.

Guess I better get busy setting everything up so I can get back to photography.

P.S. We got hit by a winter storm a couple of nights ago and the bike was snowed in yesterday, hopefully I can get it on the road today.


Written by circlew

February 16, 2012 at 11:36 am

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