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Life got in the way so I missed these assignments. The next two assignments are out. Week five is weather and week six is chocolate. I plan on taking the weather photo this weekend and then try to get chocolate photos next week.

I’m riding the bike to Santa Fe both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is for a political rally at the capital. Sunday I will be riding it there so I can do some shooting with others in a studio.

Tomorrow’s ride I’m not sure of the cause except they’re wanting as many bikers at the capital as they can muster. Any excuse to ride is a good one. I will be taking my gear with me on the bike so once there I can shoot some portraits and get some photos of interesting bike or maybe a combo of the two.

Sunday’s trip is pure transportation to the studio for some studio time and to meet other photogs with similar interests.

Last Sunday I took the bike to Cuervo New Mexico for shooting some run down buildings in ghost town. I will post some of my scouting shots later once I’ve had a chance to work on them in post. I treated the trip as a scouting trip since will be going back as a group later. I’m not sure of the date.

I like having the bike back. It allows me to travel more. Since it will get around 45 MPG once the new motor is broken in verses the truck which only gets 15-16 MPG at best. Not to mention that gas is cheaper than diesel even the premium that the requires runs cheaper.

Get out and shoot. Weather it’s the camera or a firearm. Both can be fun and rewarding.


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