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Photography 101 – The Lighting Triangle

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The lighting triangle consists of three components. ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture make of the lighting triangle. Together you use the different setting to control the amount of light in each and every photograph.

ISO is the sensitivity to light that the film or sensor has. You use a low ISO in bright daylight and a high ISO in a dark setting. We use this to balance out the triangle after selecting the other two components.

Shutter Speed is the time it takes for the shutter to cycle fully. We select shutter speed to Tv when the need to capture a moving object is the priority for non flash photos. For flash photos the shutter speed selects the amount of ambient light that is used in a photo. Use a fast speed to darken the ambient light and use a slower speed to select more ambient light in the photo.

The last component is aperture. We select the aperture priority or Av mode when need to isolate the focus of am image. A large aperture will give you less of the image in focus. So a fast lens f2.8 or faster will give this option.a smaller aperture will give more of the image in focus. For a portrait you would use an large aperture and for a landscape image you use a smaller aperture. A lot of landscape and travel photogs use f8 as a starting point when photographing their subjects. Whereas a portrait photog would start with a larger aperture of f4 or larger.

So when you know this triangle and understand that you must balance these three things to get a properly exposed image. When working with flash shutter speed is limited by the type of shutter used by the camera. We will get into each of these in more detail in future articles. But remember that if you are shooting in aperture mode that either the shutter speed will change and if needed and configured on your camera the ISO might also change.

Till next time get out and shoot some photos.


Written by circlew

February 10, 2012 at 8:15 pm

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