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Follow up to yesterday’s post concerning B&H Photo

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Yesterday I had posted about my experience with B&H Photo’s customer service. Today I check my email and the following was in it. This is more of the type of customer service I’ve become to expect from them.

I read your comments posted at and regret your inconvenience. It seems this package was originally sent via “Super Saver,” which is UPS’s “UPS Mail Innovations” program. This begins with shipping via UPS but culminates with delivery by the US post office. For this shipping method PO box addresses are permitted.

I am not sure why, but your package apparently was mis-routed to UPS ground at some point. I do not know if this was our error or UPS’s error. Either way, we apologize. UPS generally declines to hold or reroute packages from us once they’ve vbeen shipped because requests of this nature too often represent one or the other of two common piracy ploys:
Either the order was not legit at the outset and the pirate who originally provided a legitimate customer’s shipping info now wants the order rerouted so he can steal it, or
The order is legit but the pirate, who’s learned of it via one route or another, now wishes to intercept your legitimate order before it reaches you.

Neither of these outcomes would be tolerable.

In addition, the infortmation you received from our LiveChat employee was essentially correct. Because your order was originally paid via PayPal our options for handling this transaction once it’s been shipped are severely limited because PayPal wants to protect you from online piracy too. The result is that this order has to be returned to us, cancelled and then recrafted to reship to you.

Had I been aware of this unfurtunate situation I’d have been happy to arrange free rush shipping of the replacement order to you. As it is, I see our LiveChat employee did say, “We can give you free shipping on the new order, but you need to place the order again…”

At this point I am not sure if you want a refund or if you do want us to reship this. I see you provided a new ship to address in Albuquerque, but I also see a note to refund this. If you do want us to reconstitute and reship this, I’ll be happy to instruct customer service to use UPS 2-day rush at no charge to expedite getting this to your Albuquerque address.
— –
Henry Posner
Director of Corporate Communications
B&H Photo-Video, and Pro-Audio

I told him to reship the item to me. And B&H will continue to be my first choice in photo gear. This is based on my past experiences with them. They normally have items at the same or less prices as found elsewhere.

Thank you Henry Posner for correcting this experience.


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January 26, 2012 at 4:16 pm

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