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Last week I broke the half a century mark. A lot of friends asked me how I felt about it, my is I felt the same as idid the day before. Not saying it was great. I will be doing so new stuff this year as far as the blog goes, and photography in general is concerned.

For photography I will be trying to follow a project52 from Lighting Essentials for Photographers. Each week they post an assignment for those who wish to participate that week or every week or anywhere in between. He has posted the first two assignments already. Week one is a photograph representing your vision for where you want your photography to go, IIRC. And week two was to photograph a stranger. I plan on commenting more on these later here, basically one day I will comment on what my goal or intentions are for each assignment. Then I will post some behind the scene info and if possible photos hopefully with a blue print of each setup. And then a post on what I got out of the assignment and what I would do differently next time I am confronted with the same assignment. Sort of a lesson learned post. I will also post the full and unedited feedback on my assignment each week when I get it. So that should keep thing fresh around here with the other things I will posting like comments on my new gear that I purchase this year. I got a backlog of gear to post about. From my xmas and recent b-day stuff I bought.

I also will be working on a self imposed project. More on this later. Plus the normal stuff on the VA, motorcycling, and cowboy action shooting. So keep tuned.

Here is what the bike looks like now, with the motor removed.



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January 14, 2012 at 8:52 pm

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