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What a couple of days it has been!

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Well, Tuesday night I was thinking I wouldn’t get paid until next Wednesday but it was this Wednesday.    then Wednesday I was trying to find a Bank of America and on the way I was pulled over by Albuquerque PD for texting.  First off I was late paying my Verizon bill and the service was suspended so no way to text or talk on it.  I informed the officer of this when he finally got  around to explaining why I was pulled over.  But, he said that he was under orders to write up everyone he saw texting.  I also told him I wasn’t a resident of Albuquerque(ABQ) and was unaware of this texting law,  that didn’t even slow him down.  Turns out that I hadn’t put a new insurance card in the truck and the one in there was a year old.  So now on Monday the 27 at 1:15pm I have to be in court for the two tickets, neither are points against my license I was told but both requires me to see the judge.

Then on the way home I stopped to pick up my laptop from  Staple’s who I have the warranty for it with.  The repair depot shipped it to Alamogordo while I am up here for EOT.  So no one was there to sign for it.  Now UPS has it and who knows when it will be sent to Staples for them to do their stuff on it.  The OS was acting up and the recompilation discs would lock up before completing the restore.  So some how we need to load Windows 7 Home Premium on it then upgrade it over the internet to Win 7 Ultimate.  And all the updates to it so I can do clean installs of the programs that I use.  Yesterday(Tue) evening when I stopped in and found this out, The tech and Manager told me that first thing Wednesday they would call and get the laptop sent over night to them.  Stopped by late today and nothing was annotated that they made the call.  So I wasn’t the polite customer that I have been.  I dropped it off the last week of May here June is Half over and I do not have my laptop.

But, before this I was on the bike earlier today until the  second trip to Thunderbird Harley Davidson.  The first time I went by for an exhaust gasket and to see if they could put it on be cause I thought the plugs were fouling out because of a leak.  We talk about this and I had him come out and do something on bike or show me something and right off the Service writer started telling me that I am due to have the timing belt and tensioners  replace before they fell and take out the oil pump.  Well I looked at my calendar and figure the best time would be to have done right after the 4th of July.  I asked what would happen if they fail, the bike would die.  OK, so off I go.  I was going to have a friend do the plugs and gasket for me found a nut for the exhaust flange missing.  So back to Thunderbird, as I pull in the oil light comes on.  I check it and plenty of oil.  So put the nut on and start to leave and it isn’t running well.  So I do a Uey and take it back to  have it checked in for repair.   Called a friend to pick me up and he says sure, so I wait he shows up then tells me that he wouldn’t be able to take me home for several hours.  Call another friend to pick me up at his house to bring me home.  That’s when I headed to Staples after almost filling up the tanks on the truck with $300 worth of Diesel.  It probably would have taken another $50 or more of fuel to fill both the main tank and the tank in the bed.

I will try to get the Chapter 1 review of the “Speedliters Handbook” before Friday.  Sorry guys


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