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Review of the “Speedliter’s Handbook” Chapter 0

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Well here is my review of the first chapter in Syl Arena’s “Speedliter’s Handbook“.  He labeled his first chapter as Chapter 0, Quick Start Guide to Speedliting.

Why Pop-Up and Hot Shoe Flash Do Not Create Interesting Light

“To create interesting light you need interesting shadows”

“If everything in your photo is lit evenly, then nothing will stick out”

When your subject is silhouetted on a bright background then you use on-camera flash.

Deal with the Ambient Light First

Use your camera’s setting to control the ambient light since you can not control the sun.

The best way to get the ambient light you want is to use your camera’s AV mode. Dial in the aperture you want for the amount of depth of field.  Fire off a test shot. Use Exposure Compensation to dial everything in and repeat until you get the ambient you want.

Exposure Compensation (EC) to brighten/darken the ambient light.

Who is in Charge you or your Speedlight

The main two factors that determine the power level at which a speedlite should fire, Flash to subject distance and the reflectivity of the subject.

Manual flash and manual exposure are not the same.

Both ETTL and Manual flash  have their strengths.  Use ETTL when the subject to flash distance is dynamic and use manual when it is constant.  You can fine tune ETTL with Flash Exposure Compensation(FEC).

More Essential Truths about Speedliting

Your speedlite can fill many jobs: Fill, Key, or Separation Light.

The size of the light determines the character of the shadows.

Only Change one thing at as time, it makes trouble shooting easier.

The Best way to learn to light photos is to get out there and do it, and do it often.

Well that is what I found to be important in Chapter 0, The Quick Start Guide to Speedliting.  I will try to be more prompt with the rest of the reviews.  To do this I will be stacking them up in WordPress just waiting on the date to go public.


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