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ANother Trip to the VA

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Well today was the day of my weekly groups sessions at the VA.  It is Living with Chronic Medical Problems and runs from 12:30 to 1:30.  After the session I usually take my time and head over to travel where they fill out the paperwork for me to get my travel pay.  Normally by the time I make a call or two and drop my card off.  I get seated and start a conversation they call me up.  Today that wasn’t the case.  I head over from Building 1 to the Main Hospital and dropped and ask them to check if I had been validated so I could get paid.  Nope, so I head up to the 2nd floor to see about getting the process started for replacing my scooter that got damaged in an accident.  I wait up their for several minutes while the receptionist trys to contact the proper person.  After several attempts I am called back up and she wasn’t able to contact them so I left my info so they could contact me.  After that I go up to the 3rd floor to make an appointment with my Pain doctor.  Now I figure no problem and head back to the travel section and drop my card off as required.  about 30  minutes I am called up and they haven’t validated me for todays appointment.  And I am told that I need to head back to building 1 and get to update the system.  I ask her to call and she told me that she wasn’t allowed.  So I call don my Cell.  After several trys and getting the answering machine, I give up.  I walk over to patient relations and ask Zane to fix the problem as I fell that it is the VA’s responsibility to update the system and I have fulfilled my responsibilities.  After several minutes He has contacted the provided and they are updating the system.  Drop my card off for a third time and sit down in the crowded waiting area.  In about 5-10 minutes I am called to pick up my paperwork.I finally get paid around hour plus after my appointment.

From there I headed to Best Buy to buy some memory so that this machine will quit pausing in the middle of actions.  No 2 meg DDR Ram chips for a desktop.  So I end up with a Bluetooth keyboard to work with my Wacom 4 Wireless tablet.  and a Bride to replace the on e that went bad on my network here in the rv.  I use it to connect to the WiFi in the parks.  It was real simple to connect.  Netgear has their stuff setup so you can use a web interface to configure the hardware.  All I did was unbox it , plug it in to the wall and to my router’s WAN port and then got on the desktop and tried to surf the web the Netgear Config screen come up and with in 5 minutes I am online through my network.  I like it when things workout.  Later guy and gals I think it is time for bed.


Written by circlew

June 1, 2011 at 2:01 am

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