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Well about two-three weeks ago I sent my HP DV7 laptop in for repair.  The video was reversed like a negative.  Well, it came back about a week ago or so.  It started having more video troubles within a day or the laptop screen would go blank and you would need a monitor to see the information.  At first I thought it was a driver problem so I spent the next few days backing everything up so I could do a clean install.

Well finally everything was backed up on both drives which was very fortunate since the recovery disk were bad, and it wiped both hard drives clean.  No boot sector that worked.  So no way to recover using the backup program.  I spent the next couple of days scouring the internet for a usb boot program that would allow me to format the disk for Windows 7 and a windows 7 iso images so I could load up Win 7 home Premium.  Now don’t get me wrong I wasn’t pirating, I was searching for a different format of a program that I have a legal license  to use then I would use the Win 7 Ultimate upgrade that bought to get back to the correct OS.  I already had all the drivers for everything downloaded. 

You say why not just upgrade the video driver, did, and it didn’t help.  It was after the failures that I came to the conclusion that it was the new video board that just installed that was the problem.  After days of failures I gave up and took it in to Staples where I bought it and had an extended warranty for repairs.  I dropped it off two days ago.  I am now using an old Gateway Desktop from 2003 to surf the internet.


Now word on the status of my laptop yet, I will call again later.  What we go though to surf the web


I am thinking of heading up to Red River on the bike this weekend for the big rally they hold up there and see what it is about.  Make a day of it up in the morning and back in the evening, about all I can afford to do.

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