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Well I finally got back to shooting CAS matches last month. I drove from Cleveland Georgia to Edgewood New Mexico just in time for SASS’s Buffalo Stampede the regional for this area. I shot the Wild Bunch warm up and then found out my ammo wasn’t up to standards and shot the WB match for fun and practice.

I wasn’t moving all that well so some of the times were not all that great. But things got better as the event went on. The targets were very challenging and clean match awards were few and far in between. But all had fun.

I shot the Plainsman match after shooting 6 WB stages and after the first stage blow up on me I put the guns away and spotted and helped out. That made me miss the warm up for the Main Action match. IIRC.

The Main Action match went better. I came in second in the Frontiersman Category behind Capt. Baylor.

Since then I been reloading ammo, 38-40 Black powder, 45 ACP, 45 Colt and 12 ga Black Powder.

I’m also reworking my leather gear. I am remaking a belt into my main match belt. So far I have come up with and drawn the design and awaiting so leather to finish it. I am also making a new more authentic shotgun belt out of a Mills belt.

I hope to get the leather next week and hopefully the weather will allow me to get a match or two in next weekend and at least a match every weekend up to The World Championship, End of Trail, next month.

Well that is a mouthful for now, keep checking back and I will let you know what I’ve been up to. Adios


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