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On Location Lighting with Joe McNally

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Yesterday November 1, 2010 I rode the Harley Davidson 2006 Ultra Classic down to Hotlanta, more specifically to the Cobb Galliria for the chance to learn form the man himself on lighting on location to get the photo captured.

I was let down it started as I arrived at 10 and ended a little before 5. We set through 5 blocks on different lighting.
The first was off camera essentials where Joe built a portrait of the female model in baby steps. He shot it on camera then off directly. He then bounced it off everything he could that was there before bringing in a trigrip reflector, then two if not more before he capture the image he visioned. He stated he never edits his images before sending them off to the client.

Next, we got into multiple off camera flashes. He prefers the Nikon SB- 900s and the Nikon flash commander. Joe gave us several tid bits of ways to put the model at ease.

After lunch he did a live portrait session. He showed us his technique for doing one. He did everything wirelessly. All using the Nikon system. Before going into the last block he gave us a demonstration of the distance possible and how to extend the distance by putting the commander on a cable so that the lights behind you can see the front of it.

The last session he brought out the big guns. Showed us how we could use two lights to do a fashion portrait then showed ways to improve on the lighting.

The most important stuff was the way he shaped the light using stuff most of us have. A couple speed lights and a reflector or two, diffuser and several modifiers. One that I didn’t have and will be getting is the snoot and grids from flash point. He also used a wide variety of soft boxes and a umbrella. He recommends getting a couple of good light stands namely C-stands to hold your lights them and the famous Justin clamps that he help design.

The packet we received had a critique form, book and cd in it.

The book hold a ton of the info he gave us. The cd was a little lame if you ask me. It was just links to various Kelby Media sites and several chapters from Joes book Hot Shoe Diaries.

After the seminar I headed over to Showcase Cameras and picked up a second Strobies bracket and 7″ reflector, and a Pocket Wizard cable for triggering my 40d.

Photos will be posted soon.


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