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It’s just past midnight est and I’ve past the Georgia state line and the welcome center. Everything if going as planned. I’ve got enough fuel to make it to my destination, I’m wide awake and then it happens. I look in my left mirror and see white smoke boiling out my wheel well on the RV. Then bits of tire start flying out. Im thinking day ja vu. Not this time I did loose a tire, the only one that I Haven’t replaced this year.

I go to get tools to change it but I do not have what I need. The lug nuts are on too tight to get off with what I have a wrench and socket.

So I limp in to the parking lot of the Villa Ricka Walmart and part with the other RVs and tractor trailers. I decide to wait until morning to try anything else and I retire to bed. That way I can just have the tire shop change it. To bed I go.

I have a nice sleep awake refresh and ready for another day. A short day of travel.

I pull over to the tire shop at Walmart. They will not change the tire. But they let me use their tools, 4-way lug wrench and 10 ton floor jack.

I get the toy-hauler jacked up and the old tire off. I start jacking some more to get the spare on and I thinking I might tip the thing over but finally the new spare goes on. Put the lug nuts on and tighten them down. Head out and around a hour later I arrive at my destination, Dads.


Written by circlew

October 1, 2010 at 10:40 am

Posted in RVing, Travel

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