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Well, yesterday I looked back in my rearview mirror and saw smoke boiling out at the axel and wheels of my trailer then a piece of thread came flying out. I pull over on the narrow shoulder of US 180. Get out walk back and check things out. Now, mind you I am expecting to have to replace a tire with the spare I have. Check the lhs tires first since that is where the smoke was seen. No problem here both tires in great shape. Go to the rhs no problem here either. I guess I must have picked up a piece of tire on the road and it got trapped.

Today I got an early start before sunrise. Currently I am at a Cracker Barrel in Tyler Tx. I decided to check the garage area to see how everything is. First glance everything looks ok but odd. I look closely and notice the bike is leaning to the right instead of the left.

It is leaning against the wall so far that the corner of the fairings is in the wall and the mirror has popped off. The mirrors are on the fairing. I think it is a simple thing to put it back on, we will see. The bike had the rear two and front right tiedowns come loose, I do not know how since the straps are still wrapped like I left them. I thought I had enough pressure on the front forks to hold it.

I ordered a three egg omelet and some home fries for breakfast. I asked them to drizzle some gravy on it.

When it came the fries looked and tasted like the were a week old. I ordered a ham, cheese and onion omelet. It look like it was drive over it was so flat. The cheese looked like they took several chunks and threw them in it. And lastly they used strings of greasy grilled onions instead of chopped onions like most places.

I called the manager over and all of us said the potatoes should of never left the kitchen. The waiter said it was the last of the one batch that they do a day. The manage cut my bill in half. When I pointed out the omelet, he replied well we are not know for our omelets. I said I know why.

Well, hopefully I will make it to my destination late this evening. We will see.


Written by circlew

September 30, 2010 at 9:20 am

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