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With a late start Wednesday (1pm) I only made it to the east side of Abilene. I stopped at the Cracker Barrel for dinner and am staying the night in their RV parking area. It is just like dry camping except I will not be putting the slides out.

The plan is to get up early have breakfast and hit the road for another 200 miles or so and fill up the tanks and see how far we get on 80 gallons of diesel fuel. That will be approximately 600+ miles on this fillup. I did terrible on 82 between Alamogordo and Mayhill, 4 mpg. But it was back up to 8 mpg when I stopped for the night. And I had done some driving around town before hooking up the fifth-wheel today.

That’s it for tonight. I will be posting some photos as soon as I prepare them. They were taken last weekend and maybe one or two from the Golden Aspen rally in Ruidoso.


Written by circlew

September 29, 2010 at 8:34 pm

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