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Well last week I went for a poker run and ended up going down on my new bike. You ask why take a week to post about it. One was I wasn’t sure what the total damage was till today. I got some help unloading it late Friday afternoon. So I got up, grab the tools and went over to the bike. Started taking the hiway bar off til I found a torx screw that Lola like someone tried to remove with an Allen wrench and stripped it. The other side is folded in against the shifter. So with the RHS lowr farring removed I was stumped how to tweek the bar so I can get to the hardware for the LHS lower farring and no way to remove the stripped upper center bolt out. I quit. I did look to see what got damaged. Mainly all the lids for the saddle bags and the lid for the tour pack, the lower farring on the lhs and the farring will need attention. Also the cb antenna might need replacing. The highway bar for sure is toast. Also thw windshield is broken off and the lhs rider floorboard looks tweeked.

For me I am mobile with some road rash on my left shoulder and a bruised riband shoulder. The jacket needs some sewing and patching to be wearable, the helmet is toast with the deep scratches in it.

I keep you posted with the progress. It will have to wait until I return to NM as I am leaving next weekend at the latest.

I will be packing the new toy hauler up this week in preperation for the trip home. I have to finish putting everything away, it’s almost done then start stowing the loose item for the trip. I also need to load and lash down the scooter and the bike. I need to look at the fuel statin on the toy hauler and see what the loose wires go to and fix them.

That and find some items at camping world to make the rig better and up to par. A run to SC if they have my tool box and pick it up.

A trip to walmart to stock up for the trip and it looks to be a busy week.


Written by circlew

March 27, 2010 at 9:04 pm

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