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Christmas at the White’s

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Christmas morning found me waking up at my father’s home.  After Syliva(his wife), Him and myself got up and going we exchanged the gifts that we had for each other.  Then later in the day we when to my Step Brother’s(Bob) and his wife(Pam) place to exchange gifts with them and for a christmas feast.   My half brother (Ricthie) and his significant other (Joan) went with us.  We went over to Ritchie’s afterwards for a snack and gift exchange.  It was one of my best christmases since I was younger, much younger.  Here are some shots from that day.  Most shots used the Strobist Xmas Day Photography/Lighting technique except instead of being in manual mode I use ettl2 with a ST-E2 on a Pocket Wizard Flex on camera and Canon 580ex(I &II) on a Pocket Wizard Flex on a light stand in opposites corners of the room.  It worked great.


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  1. Hey Mickey:
    There are some photos missing of the kids and I…and of Whit and Vince. Did those not turn out? Anyway, it was nice what you said about having a good christmas. We try to always have a good christmas, even on a budget. So let me know about the other pics of my kids.

    Later, Pammy

    Pamela White

    January 8, 2010 at 10:34 am

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