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Photoshop World West Pre-Con Day

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wpid1393-Casnon-Live-Shoot-4.jpgWell sorry for not getting this out earlier.  I tried to post using my Centro but ran in to problems.

I going to give you a day by day brief on my experience at PSW.  I took the Canon Live Pre-Con because the other two pre-cons were sold out by the time I signed up for one.

The Canon-Live Pre-Con was taught by Eddie Tapp and Jack Reznicki.

The first part of the class was a lecture on lighting by Jack.  It was the only organized part of the class.   We were given misinformation about what to bring.  Most of brought cameras, we needed laptops but were not told that.  At lunch we were instructed to retrieve our latops and have them after lunch.  For me this ment 1hour driving between Nellis AFB where I was spending the night the first two nights in Vegas before moving to the more expensive hotel of the convention.

When I return from retreiveing my lap;top I was assigned to one of three setups.  One was an oriental model with studio lights. The next was an African-American under speedlights and the final was a caucasian model under studio lights.  All the settings were the same for the camera.  Manual f8, ISO 400 1/125 sec.

I shot several frames under the Speedlights.  Then while waiting I would as it was refereed to poach several frames of the other models using a high iso and the modeling lights.  I had two of these images that I thought were good enough for submitting in the contest for the camera.  And I shot a few frames in control of the lights with the asian model that one was good enough for me to submit for the camera.

The shoot part of the class was very disorganized and one of the instructors took 3/4 of the shooting time doing demos and teaching those in his group.  The other two instructors just got everyone started and then walked to the back of the room to answer questions and talk.  Some shooter were considerate of the time and only took 5-10 minutes with the model at each station but there were a few that shot 100 frames or more with changes in the model position or the the lights or both in between every 5 or ten frames.

The last part of the class was to be the post production of the images that we shot.  Eddie Tapp was the instructor for this section.  He demoed two or three of his techniques then went to assist the students with questions and problems.  I showed him my three images and asked him for advice and his response was what do you want to do with them and I had do clue what to do and he walked away. I later complained and was given a refund for the class.  I thought the class was to allow us to shoot models with our equipment if we had it and then print out the best images.  I was wrong.  Next time I will take the NAPP safari with Moose Peterson and Joe McNally.

Next time I will cover the first day of PSW.

Here are the Three images that submitted for the camera


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    Brant Yelton

    July 12, 2010 at 5:28 am

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