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Well I made it to Vegas this evening. Right now I am in the Warrior Inn on Nellis AFB. I got a room for tonight and tomorrow night here before moving to the Mandalay Bay Hotel for the main part of the convention. I left Home Monday morning, Stopped by the VA in ABQ to have the stitches removed from my mouth post the last surgery putting in the sockets for the implants on the lower right side. We made the final plan of my treatment. Install the two other implants sockets and then crown the rest of the bad teeth. Then all the crowns will be made together and we will be done. I stayed last night at billeting on Kirtland AFB and then stopped by the lab this morning to have some blood drawn and an hour late two hours later I was heading for Vegas.

The wind was bad as was the drivers. I only had one driver pull in front of me in the left lane where I didn’t have to hit the brakes to keep from running over them. And they must be working on every mile between Flagstaff and ABQ in 5 mile increments and twenty mile apart. Speed up slow down repeat many times.

Vegas almost looked deserted at 6pm when I drove in on Las Vegas Blvd. I had heard the town was taking the recession hard. Maybe that will help with the water problem this town has been in for the past decade or so.

Lake looked up from last year or down so much thaat I lost my markings will verify later.

Tomorrow I get up early and head to the convention for a Pre-Con and check-In. I am taking the Canon shoot seminar that starts a couple hours earlier than the rest of the half day seminars and a couple hours later than the full day ones.

I will post some photos tomorrow…


Written by circlew

September 29, 2009 at 9:12 pm

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