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Every Canon Shooter and those that aren’t need to check these out

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I been reading several articles from a fellow photographer.  His name is Chuck Gardner.  He can be found on FM Forums and over at Canon’s Photography on the net forums. He has his own site here.

He has several great articles and his instruction style is down to earth.  He learned this information while he was an assistant for Mr. Monte Zucker back in the 70’s.  He worked with him for a few years before moving on.  For those that are not aware Monte Zucker was a wedding photographer in the DC area then and has been credited with developing the procedures for using two flashes at the wedding receptions.  One article that Chuck wrote he defines how he decides which setup to use for which scenarios.  I asked Chuck to rewrite his articles here as a guest blogger but he wishes to maintain control of these articles and despite some typos the articles are provide excellent information.  I will still try to have him guest blog from time to time based on his schedule.  This information combined with the Lighting 101 from will give you enough info to get started.  I plan to write some articles based on my use of this and more information that I read with photo of my mannequin head to illustrate the principles.


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