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Quick note to Let all know that the photos from the 2009 NMT Labor Day Grand CMSA Match held the 5 & 6 of September 2009 will be here soon

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It has been about a week since my last post.  I got busy having dental surgery Thursday at the VA hospital in Albuquerque and I stayed over the night and went to the ZOO on Friday.  I will get those images up after the CMSA ones.  I then was busy photographing a CMSA match on Saturday and then trying to get everything up to sell on Sunday having nothing but computer trouble so not to many sales but a lot of potential sale contacts.  If you were a contestant and didn’t fill out a card for the free 8×10 then contact me with your email address with your name, address and phone number and I will email the proofs that I took of you if I can figure out which rider you were.  I hope that I can match up the go order list to my images but Saturday morning was another trying time during the first stage with getting everything synced up so I missed some contestants on that stage.  I had a couple of other bugs through out the day which will be corrected before the next event.  new techniques tried in test didn’t work so well at first in practice but by the second stage everything was operative.  I just was caught off guard a couple of times.  I am working on my procedures to prevent from distractions during the stages.  I hopefully will be able to do both sell and shoot in the future.  That is my goal to have the images ready when you come by to review them and place an order and be able to shoot every run of the event like I have in the past.  I see the need for some new equipment and practices.  And maybe a person to assist with the sells or shooting.

Keep coming back I will have the proofs up as soon as I have done the first run of post production to them.


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