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Lighting 101 Lesson Two – Traveling Light

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This is my second of many posts that details my interpretations of David Hobby’s Lighting 101.  You can find the source at  I downloaded the PDF version of the Lighting 101 program.  Please visit and let them know I sent you.  Also David has tons of off camera small light info there.  Strobist is a minimalist idea.  i.e. Getting the same or better results with your hot shoe flash that you would using big studio units.  You can find the first episode here.

Traveling light means different things to each of us.

For me it using my Think Tank Modulus belt with three or four of the pouches on it that vary depending on what I am shooting.  I like to have my 17-55mmf2.8IS and my 70-200mmf2.8LIS and my 40D with me.  I usually have the TT Speed Changer that contain things such as my Hoodman Loupe, so I can see the LCD screen in bright lights,  I also like to have my Rocket Blower to blow dust and stuff off the lens.  I also have a 77mm CPL in it.  It also has a fresh set of camera batteries.  My Wireless trigger for both the camera and the flash.

To a photojournalist it might mean Two bodies.  One with a WA to short Telephoto or normal lens the other with a short Telephoto to around 200mm.  Both of these lenses need to be fast lenses with a F2.8 aperture eed.  I small bag containing a really fast normal focal length lens for low light shots.  If they have learned to use off camera flash they might have a flash with a way to trigger it.  Maybe they even have a Super Clamp in there to hold the flash.  They probably have a small collapsable light-stand and with it would be a small umbrella strapped to it with ball bungees.

Basically you want to have enough gear with you so you can get the best shot possible.  If the gear is in the trunk or at home or the office it isn’t doing you any good.  Traveling light is having the gear with you to get the job done.  If you have too much gear it wears you down.  So you need to pack the minimal gear that you need and carry comfortably.  So you do not leave the gear in the car.  Pack like your going for a ten mile hike and have to carry it there and back.  That way when you have to walk all day to get the shots you wil not be thinking that you brought too much gear and its killing you but you hardly notice you gear and are able to concentrate on the shooting.  I usually have the luxury of loading my truck full and working out of it.  Like next weekend when I shoot a CMSA event.  I will load up my melt system and my Tripod and shoot out it on Saturday and then on Sunday I will setup my Sales area and sell and only shoot portraits when I can.

Lesson Three Light Stands


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