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Lets talk Photography and Guns’s new course from Joe McNally: Photography With One Light

leave a comment » newest installation of photography courses is from the Master lighting artist, Joe McNally.  In the “Photography with One Light” Joe shows you the pitfalls of using one light and how to use it correctly.  Everything from one light on-camera to the use of one studio light with a battery on location.

He starts out in the studio with a SB900 on-camera.  He shows you the don’ts and the do’s for on-camera flashes.  Then he switches to using an off-camera flash controlled by an on-camera flash and or a non-flash controller.  One tidbit I got from this was that  the longer lenses can block the signal from the controllers if it is placed between the controller and the off-camera flash.  He shows you how to use natural light and or reflectors as a second light source.  Plus he shows you his equipment table with all his lights and modifiers layed out on it.  He takes you out in the field for location lighting .  He even shows you how to get a great shot out in the rain in a marsh.

As usual Joe McNally can light the inside of a paper bag and make it look like I hollywood production.  I recommend this and all of Joe’s training courses at even for those of you who shoot Canon Flashes this courses will teach you to use your flash better.  I also recommend the other courses also from David Ziser’s Wedding Photography courses to Matt’s Photoshop and Lightroom Courses.

Head on over to and sign up for a month.  See what they have to offer.


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