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Photoshop World West in Las Vegas Nevada

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Well I paid my registration fees and hotel fees to cover my reservations for Photoshop World West.  Now all there is to do is save my money for the show specials of the items I been wanting and drive the 12hrs out there next month.   put my name on the standby list for the speed pass and the Photo Safari( I might have a chance for the later).  I plan on adding the newly released Canon precon the end of the month in case I don’t get in the Safari.   Look to see you all there.

Also, I ordered two Stofen Omni-Bounces from Amazon who sub them out and they were supposed to be here in the mail no later than today.  Guess what they’re not here.  Been waiting for them to do some shooting.I guess I will order a new one for my 550 next month from somewhere else.

Last but not least: If you have a blog on photography and would like to swap links please let me know and I will post your link under the blogroll if you do the same on your blog for me. I hope to setup the format that I discussed yesterday starting the beginning of next month. I need to do some research for the articles for the first week or so and try and find some one to be a guest blogger. If your interested then please let me know.


Written by circlew

August 19, 2009 at 11:23 am

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