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Quick Trip to the Albuquerque VA

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Well Thursday I got a call from the VA saying that the shoes that they had made were in.  I thought about it and decided to go on Friday.  Well I go to leave and the truck wouldn’t start, been having a battery discharge problem, something keeps running the batteries down.  I am in the process of eliminating the items that I have installed one at a time so I can tell which connection is running the batteries down.  I haven’t found the problem yet.  The trip up was uneventful nothing to comment on didn’t see any wildlife to stop and shoot with the camera.  I go the VA and while I am awaiting my turn the power goes out for 15-20 minutes.  I finally get call in and the nice lady asks me what style I would like to order.  I told her the I had received a call that my shoes were in so she checks on it and sure enough I am correct, now to find my shoes in the 60-80 boxes stacked along the wall.  She got lucky it was on the end where she started.  Shes pulls them out and instead of looking like my brown Ariats they look like black combat boots, O well I will get the correct ones in 6 months when I order again.

I decide to hit a couple of camera shops before leaving town.  I am looking for three things. First I had picked up a hot shoe to PC adapter at Kurts Camera on Central before and I need two more so I stop there first, they were out of them, next I asked about a 72mm stack caps the female one in particular, no luck there either.  Finally I ask about a bubble level for the hot shoe that they have so I get it.  I decide to check out their tripods and monopods and it reminds me that to ask if they have some parts for a Gi0ttos Tripod that I have been looking for.  No luck there either.  I see a gimble type of tripod head and it looks like what I would want for panaoramma shots to ise when my existing head will not.  I ask what the best price they can do on it and was told the price on it.  Well I liked it but wasn’t that fond of it.

Next I stopped by Camera and Darkroom which is about three blocks west  and one block north of Kurts.  I walk in and see the same head there.  We talk and I got it and the quick adapter setup from Bogen that I wanted for what I said I would give for it.  I was told it was use since they didn’t have a box for it but I think it was a demo that had been there so long the box had been lost.  Not a mark on it.  I was able to get one of the hotshoe adaptrers there.  But it wasn’t the one I was hoping for got to the truck and was heading to the other Kurt’s on Jaun Tabo and was looking at it and there was no 1/4-20 hole in th ebottom you had to put this one in a shoe.  That means one more piece, but no problem as I have a few adapers at home.  I stop in Kurts they had one of the correct type of adaptes I buy it ask about several other thing sand no joy.

I run over to Founders Ranch where the Outlaw Trail, the four corners regionall for SASS was being held.  I decided to not attend this year but needed to pick up some things that were being brought for me.  I was able to swap the barrel for the 39-55 without ejector for some C&B supplies that I been needing, 1000 balls and #10 Remmington caps which you can’t find in NM.  Up until now I haven’t found bulk balls either I been paying $15 for a box of 100.

I picked up my Navy Arms 1866 22LR from Long Hunter.  I gave it to him to work on at EOT in June.  He wasn’t able to short stroke it but it sure was smooth.  I am happy with it.

I saw Earthwalker boots and he told me that he would be mailing them out when he gets back home that EOT was so slow that he had to attend another match that he hadn’t planned on to make up for it. And that I should be getting my 2nd pair of boots before hte end of the year.

Then it was time to head home.  On the trip home I see these two does cross the road in front of me.  I ease over to the shoulder.  Grab my camera and walk up the bank some until I see them and I shot several images one was a camera hog as you will see.  Then back on the road home the sunset, which I was hoping would be nice was dull so I didn’t even stop.

Single Doe
A pair of does


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