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Well, it’s been a while since my last post.  That’s because I haven’t been doing much to write about. So let me get caught up.

I am thinking of venturing into a new realm of photography, at least for  and that is Real Estate Photography.  I got to researching this because of two things. First newest assignment and second a neighbor’s plight of trying to sell his home.  I found a couple of great resources for this realm of photography, and its associated Flicker group.  I have read a bunch tutorials/FAQs, I have most of the equipment, and plan on developing the talent for this.

So now I am working on my business paperwork, price sheet, terms and condition sheet, copyright infomation sheet, property realease forms and ssuch.  I plan on developing an workbook for each job that I can print out and save that is all the documentation for the job I will use a template and when I meet with the client hand them a copy and retain a copy for myself and if and when the jobs are done all in the digital world I will email the workbook and they can fill out the info and email it back and twe can set up the date and time for the appointment where they will meet me and unlock the property do a quick wall through for security and liability while we discuss what type of shot they want for each space so that I am sure to get the images they want.  Then I will go aboiut my job of creating those images then I will head home after that to do the post processing before delivering the images to the client.

To fund the new lens and Pocket WIzard Flexes that I want I am selling my Vivitar 285 Flash kit.  That I hope will bring in around $600.  My Neighbor is willing to pay me the $100 that I asked for for everything that I will produce for him which would be a $500 or $600 package for a client.  I am giving him the discount so that I may shoot his home and use it in my Real Estate Portfolio.  Once the images are created and his website is built I plan on developing another blog/website that will function as my Real Estate Photography Portfolio.

Now for other news.

Medically I am doing better.  The NeuroStimulator is working out fantastically, most of the time I don’t even notice it but my pain is being managed.  I had an appointment with my new VA Medical system Primary care Doctor this week to discuss things mainly to see how the medication for diabetes is controlling it and it seems to be doing the job so no changes and she wants me to record my blood sugar reading twice a day so I have started to keep a log.  And I will see her again in 90 days.  On a side note her husband which is a nurse there is a MMA fighter and I may be doing some sports photography for him during he next couple of fights, more info to come.

I haven’t been shooting too much here lately haven’t been in the mode and the weather has been really hot but it is starting to cool down we need some of the rain that is falling to hit ground instead of evaporating in mid air.

I received two DVDs from David Ziser of and the Digital Wake up Tour as a prize for attending his workshop back in April.  I also, purchase the third volume of Scott Kelby’s Book “The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3”.  It has some real good tips in it just like Volume one and two.  It is not a third edition it builds on the tips provided in volume 1 & 2.  It is the kind of information that he would give you if he was standing next to you and you asked him for some help while you were shooting this or that subject.  I think I may do a in-depth review of all three books in the near future if time allows.

I purchased some new equipment here lately.  I got a used Canon ST-E2 Controler for the Canon Wireless eTTL system it allows me to put all three( Canon 550EX, Canon 580EX and the Canon 580EXII) off camera and control them for eTTL flash photography.  I plan on using it in conjunction with the Pocket Wizard Flexes for the ultimate eTTL wireless system.  I also got a Canon 1.4 teleconverter for use with my Canon EF-70-200mmF2.8LIS and my Sigma 170-500 lenses.  I have on order two Honl Gobos, Two Stofen Omni-Bounces for th 580s, and a couple on books on architectural photography.  And plan on getting a Canon EFS-10-22 Wide angle zoom after the PW Flexes are purchased.

Well that about wraps it up for today…..


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  1. WOW….seems like you emptied the back…LOL.



    August 12, 2009 at 11:11 am

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