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Eot, SASS’s World Championship is over and in the books.

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Well I had the neurostimulator implant installed in my back a few weeks ago and all seems to be fine with it.  It seems to be controlling my pain better than the meds and allowing me to be more active.  I shot SASS’s(Single Action Shooting Society) World Championship, End of Trail(EOT) Last Week and came in 12th in my category and 300 something overall.  I had a Banks Ram Air Intake installed in my 2003 F-250 King Ranch Truck this week.  And amid several visits to the VA over the last two weeks have had the staples removed from my back from the surgery, got a mold made for a second bite block for sleeping, which is good since I misplaced the original somewhere in the camper unless ShyAnne ate it.

Well the big news is that I was able to shoot most of the EOT events the only one I missed that I wanted to shoot was the Wild Bunch event and that was it conflicted with two Dental appointments.  SO I arrived at Hidden Valley on Sunday the 20th to find that my spot was occupied and it was very late so I found an open spot and plugged in the electric for the night.  Next morning I just moved the Travel Trailer to the correct spot once they had vacated it.  Payed for the week plus of my stay.  Which considering the amenities is a great deal over dry camping at the ranch.  I stayed from the 20th to the 30th and it was less than $130 where as dry camping at the ranch was somewhere in the $75 range plus $20-$25 for each fill and dump of water, plus gas for the generator to recharge the batteries.  I shot the warmup on Tuesday morning and in the afternoon took an SASS U class on Shoot Smarter not Harder hosted by Calvin Hobbs and Barbary Coast.  They broke shooting a stage down very well and got in to the mental aspects of the game and how to approach shooting a stage.  I also had a one on one with Calvin the next morning to go over shooting with a disability and more in-depth stage analysis.  Then I tried to shoot the Plainsman match.  It requires shooting the stage with a single shot rifle, two cap and ball pistols and a side by side shotgun normally.  I was using it as more practice for shootign the C&B Ruger Old Armies and the shotgun since I haven’t shot much this year.  They went well but I did have a problem with the shotgun.  Not really a problem but  more of a brain-fart.  I grabbed my 30-30 ammo and shot it in my 38-55 H&R 1871 rifle.  I hit every thing and learned that some use 30-30 brass to fireform to 38-55 since it is cheaper than 38-55 brass.  But I shot 30-30 brass, smokeless powder( a no no for Plainsman) and a 30 cal lead bullet.  I hit each and every target no problem and the brass extracted without a problem.  Te first stage I was DQ for shooting Smokeless ammo so I shot the second for no time and practice but once I realized what I had done I figured I should stop shooting since I wasn’t in the correct mind.  So after the second stage someone explained what I was doing and all where surprised that I was hitting the targets as the bullet had to be bouncing down the barrel if it even touched the barrel due to the size difference of the barrel to the bullet which was much smaller.  So I didn’t even try to shoot any of the side matches at that point.  Which I wanted to try out for the first time.  I had even bought a Bond Derringer to shoot in one of the side matches event.  Next time I will be more prepared for the side matches as I will mark the ammo better so that I know what it is and what it is used for.

Also, I received a new gun cart, which is a necessary piece of equipment for cowboy shooters.  We use them to hold our long guns and ammo plus any other thing we might need during the match.  If you shoot cap and Ball you have many other things to carry so that you may charge the cylinders and cap them on the loading table.  I can only think of how hard it most have been to win a battle with 1800 technology.  The new Cart was custoim built for me by Dennis Smith aka Gunther Cartwright owner and builder of what I think are the best designed gun carts out there OFF the Wall Gun Carts.  He built it so that I have a storage spage for my two revolvers when I am not shooting and a removable box for my BP supplies and two other boxes for my glasses and hearing aids and other handy items and one for extra ammo mounted lower on the cart.  He is building me a cooler tray that will occupy that space when I get it and the two small boxes are interchangeable so I will mount my C&B loader to the top of one and use it for charging the cylinders instead of taking up room at the unloading table.  I had Laser Graphics checker my grips on my Ruger Old Armies and burn my Alias in to the main box of the new cart.

Here are some photos from the trip:


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