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Started the week off reloading shotgun BP rounds so I have some ammo for when I shoot this month. I ran out of powder and just got in touch with my supplier today and he was out and had to see what the current price is. I told him I was interested in maybe as much as a case myself that should hold me for a while. He hasn’t gotten back in touch yet.

Monday and Tuesday were slow as I am still having reactions from having diabetes. I tested my blood suger level everday since Friday when I got the test kit. Some times it high over 200 with a few readings around 120. I started taking the meds she gave me and I think it is helping.

Yesterday I drove up to Albuquerque to the VA after waking up around 430 PM on Tuesday. Did two appointments including the pre-op for my Neuro Stimulator implant procedure next week. I then went to Thunderbird HD gto take a test ride. Filled out the paperwork had some problems and finally left 4 hrs later without a test ride. HD web site is a little misleading about the no hassle test rides. They called this morning that everything is OK for the test ride/purchase.

After that I took out a friend for his birthday to the Texas Roadhouse. Service and food excellent as always. Although all I had was a salad since I had a big lunch at Red Lobster. I tried their Maine lobster and shrimp. The lobster looked more like Rock Lobster and I think there were two tails grilled. A little too much but still eatable. I asked for grilled shrimp instead of spicy shrimp and it came with three or four coconut shrimp that I wasn’t expecting and would have preferred more grilled shrimp in place of them. This was before the HD trip.

I left ABQ at about 930 getting home a little after midnight. I place an order to B&H Photo that I had tried to do from my Palm Centro but had no luck. The order was mainly to get a set of end caps for 77mm filters and a 72-77mm step up ring so I can use the new Hoya Polarizer that I bought off of eBay. The end caps make it really easy to carry filters without having to store them in individual wallets or cases.

Today I been catching up on my reading and some other stuff dealing with my trip to EOT SASS’s World Championship. I plan on signing up on Sunday before the events starts off. Depending on how I feel then will be if I sign up for the Wild Bunch Match and Side matches or even the main match. If I feel as well as I hope to then I will sign up and shoot everything except the warmup match since it conflicts with my dental appointments. I will have to get on a early morning shoot posse on Thursday since I have a Follow UP appointment at noon on Thursday. I could shoot the late go but that would mean that everything would have to go right for me to get to the ranch in time to make it. I don’t want to risk it on the first day of the main match since I woudl need to be there at 1 to unload and get to the bay in time to start and that isn’t giving much time to play with..

Reading the Guest post from yesterday’s Photoshop Insider blog. Scott Kelby asked Scott Diaussa to write for him. His post got me to thinking about my work history. I joined the USAF in 1982 after a futile attempt at college. I just didn’t have the patience and discipline for it. I was thrown into the Structural Repair field because they discovered that I was color blind, and that is where all the Open Mechanical color blind enlisters ended up. I didn’t want to be a paper pusher or cop at the time. Later after several attempts to cross train I finally was able to for medical reasons. I then choose a squadron level job. Little did I know what I was choosing. Ever notice how job descriptions paint the job that they are referring to. Well, I became a one charley oscar. That is supposed to be a job where you track the training and flying events that the aircrew accomplish. In reality you sit at the Ops Desk answer phone calls and updating the flying board in the squadron level. If you got a brain and goes to waste. So I always a book available so I can learn something with me. Usually it was a computer programming book. That got notices and the computer questions started. The DO, Director of Operations, thought that I could be better used working for him. Eventually one of my tasking was to develop several databases for tracking this and that. It was the time of the Quality Air Force. This meant that things were being run like they thought they would be in the civil workforce. In reality it meant that you got points for doing this and that. I left that squadron to run another and stayed there for a year then a short time at Wing Safety then to the OSS squadron and working in the Air Show office. This was the off season for the office so things were quite and the Major in charge suggested that I find something to occupy my time. I had my books and then questions start again but this time about the wing scheduling program, which was what some to the databases that I created were to replace parts of it since I proved that it wasn’t an accurate for tracking flying hours. and other things. I then was tasked to create a program/application to replace it. I saw an opportunity to get some real training and used it as leverage and they agreed to pay for the TDYs and training for several courses up in ABQ. I eventually trained my self on everything and wrote the code and the program worked flawlessly for several years even after I retired. I thought about going in to the computer industry when I retired hence all the reading and training that I was doing. But, my health had other plans.

I retired and got my rating from the VA by the end of the year and by the second week of the next year I had received my Non Employability designation. I then applied for my Social Security disability and received it promptly. So money wasn’t much of a concern since the bills were getting paid.

I bean searching for something to do to take of the time of the days. I found that besides the computer I had four or five other things I liked to do. the first was fishing but I live in the desert( the weather is good most of the year and I do not hurt) and there isn’t much fly fishing available but there is some. I was watching TV and found out that a group of people who liked to dress up in 1880’s period attire and shoot firearms representative of that period get together and shoot at steel targets. this seamed right down my line. So I joined SASS in January 2005, and a couple of years later joined as a life member. I acquired my firearms and then some so I could go and play(compete) with them. One of the other interests was photography. I start this interest in my early teens or earlier. I seem to pick it up quite easily and with some reading became fairly good at it. Eventually built my own darkroom in the easement of the house. In High School I worked for the School newspaper and later the yearbook. After graduating High School one summer while on break from college about the same time that I join the AF but before I was do to report in January I was contacted by one of the weekly papers in the area to sell them B&W football Prints from the Friday night games of the teams that they supplied the passes to. this was easy go shoot the game, head home go to work in the dark room develop the negatives, go to bed get up early print the contact sheet and take it to the editor he choose the images he wanted and I printed them out and they gave me a check. That continued until school started back up. If I would have been smart I would have flipped it to a full time job in photography. I went to basic and tech schol and was stationed in the UK. I picked the camera up again and this tiem I didn’t have access to a real darkroom so I used a black bag to load the film in to the roll container and then processed it. Kodak came out with this system where you could develop color prints and you really didn’t need all the stuff for a conventual color darkroom. I picked up one and used it while there and it wasn’t a hit in the states so I could find any supplies for it in North Carolina. Which was almost home for me. I was close to my Grandfather who got me started in photography and golf. My home was only three or four hours away. Long enough that you were not expected ot come home on the weekends or even monthly but close enough that you could on a long weekend. I got in to riding bulls there and when injured I would photograph the one that were riding the rough stock. after that I was sent to Alaska, Anchorage to be exact. I did a lot of fishing, camping, shooting both the guns and the camera. Got married had a baby or she did. Shortly after my daughter was born we were stationed in Alamogordo New Mexico. They don’t call it the land of entrapment for nothing. I stayed there after the divorce and my retirement even though I own property in Georgia and Virginia. I picked up a digital camera in 2004 which last December I replaced it with a 40D from Canon. I began to shoot Cowboy Mounted shooting and it helped cover the travel cost and supplies since I mainly printed everything on my Epson R300. Plans for this season are to use a lap for most and do the retouching and emailing proofs to those interested. I will then sell them the prints or CDDs or even a DVD movie or the images I took of them and their family. I am also expanding in to portrait and product shooting this year.


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