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May 09 High Desert Drifters Monthly Match

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What is SASS?  SASS Stands for the Single Action Shooting Society.  We as members of SASS, which is the governing organization for the largest group of Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS) members.  We shoot Single action revolvers, lever action rifles and shotgun all made before 1901 normally.  There are side matches that use other older firearms and replicas.  We also pride ourselves by dressing period correct also except for eye and hearing protection.  We shoot stages which are mini gunfights against the bad guys.  We shoot real ammo, lead Bullets for the revolver and rifle plus #7 and smaller shot in the shotgun.  We shoot at mainly steel targets.  Each stage is written different from the others and most part each stage is unique.  Some times a club will tweek a stage to fit their range or reshoot a stage that was fun in the past.  That was one of the things that drew me to CAS was the variety of the stages.  To learn more visits

The first photo is of Bighorn, That is his alias-we all invent a persona and a alias to go with it.


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