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I didn’t get to update the blog this week daily but here is what basically happened this week.  

Tuesday I went to Albuquerque to the VA for dental treatment.  I am in the process of having dental implants installed and this visit was to take a mold to build the caps.  It went well.  He had to install some different caps to push the tissue further away forom the post hole and that made the area sensitive and tender.  I then went by Peterson’s Gun Shop looking to see if they had anything that grabbed my fancy.  I walked out with a set of dies for 38WCF or 38-40 cowboy dies from RCBS.  After that I went to Kurt Camera Corrral looking for used Canon 1.4 converter, and a PCot PC Male to male cable.  I ended up gettign another Hot SHoe to PC connector.  After that I hit Camera and Darkroom and found a PC-PC cable but it was a coiled one instead of a short straight one so I got it and a couple of 1/4 20 to 3/8 thread adapters to fill a couple of needs that I had to borrow some from.  I also bought an LowePro Photo Trekker backpack to use as my second storage bag in my Pelican 1660.

I went by Best Buy to replace a remote control that was the wrong one for a 5 disc Song DVD player that I had bought on my last trip to ABQ.  They looked it up on the web and had a nicer remote that works well.  I am a happy camper now.  I been sleeping most of the time since except when I watched a few DVDs on the SOny player.  I watched Bangkok Dangerous, Max Payne, and Lakeview Terrace.  The latter was a let down.  I need to re-watch Max Payne as I think I was distracted during it and missed lot of the subtulies of it.  I liked the former the best so far.  Except for the ending.


I didn’t see to much on the web this week that requires mentioning other than hit the web sites and even Photoshop USer TV was fairly bland.  I am listing to Inside Digital Photo Radio as I write this.  I will review the PRo Photo Podcast also tonight.


Till the next blog.


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