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David Ziser’s’s topic for today was a Q&A from his readers on this weeks topics.  Scott Kelby over at finished up the 4 part series on what is new in Photoshop CS4.  


Last night I was playing around with my Canon Speedlites. I figured out how to set them up with one wireless remote to trigger both the 550 and the 580II.  What I did was put the master on a Kaiser hotshoe to pc adapter.  Plugged the PC plug into to my RF16 eBay wireless remote receiver.  I set the master up in manual mode as a master flash.  I set the slave flash up as a slave in manual mode.  I then tripped the RF16 Transmitter and both flashes when off the master triggered the slave through the Canon Wireless flash system.  That will be great when I pull out the VIvitar 285’s and start lighting things with more than the Canon Flashes everything will play well together and I will not need another receiver or a hot shoe to pc adapter for the canon flashes except for the master flash if they are setup in a line of sight configuration.  I am seriously looking at getting the radiopoppers in the future after I get the lenses that I want.  I ask the head of Radio Popper about them settign up one to control the Vivitar 285’s remotely since it would be a fairly easy thing to do since they already have the protocaol for the AB/WL strobes.  If they can do a varaible resistor or have a curcuit that switch what restance is selected then all they need to do is reserch the Vivitar mod where the  OP converted his 285 to step dow to 1/128 power bby adding a multiswitch and a series of resistors IIRC.  That woudl be great beable to adjust the canon flashes through RF and also be able to adjust the Vivitar 285’s all from the camera position.  That would beat any PW setuup in my mind.  The only thing that PW would have over the RP system is range.  I beleive that the RP can be used up to 130 meters to the PW 1000 meter range.  the RP would be for those that wanted to be able to change flash settings from the camera position whereas the PW is for those that set and forget shooters.


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