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The new look of CWP +

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Well I’m going to use CWP+ as my dairy from here on out.

My interests are as follows:

1) RVing and traveling

2) Shooting

3) Photography 

4) My military retirement

5) Family 

6) Fishing

7) Computers and video game machines
My post will fall under one of those six categories or sub categories of those as I will expand on them.

 Other posts will be about an upcoming trip to Albuqurque for some va appointments and the outcome of those appointments.  I might so shooting on the tail end of the trip if things work out.    The first actual post will consists of acquiring my mobile rig and what I did right and what I did wrong.  That trip is next week.  There will be a trip in June for the world championship of sass that I’ll try to cover.   Then there’s another repair run down to Anthony tx to camping world for so repair work.  

Another newish idea it to try and include a photo or maybe even a video clip to help show what I’m talking about or both.  So expect so more photos and movie clips in the future.
If it is photo related if possible I will try to show some behind the scenes photos or a movie clip.  Especially if it a photographic post.  If it’s about the equipment expect the bhs addon.
Just as a idea of how these will breakdown here it is. 

1) RVing and traveling

A) vehicles

B) trips

C) equipment

D) other
2) Shooting

A) Cowboy Action Shooting

B) Modern Shooting

C) Reloading

D) Guns

3) Photography 

A) Equipment

B) Shoots/Techniques/etc
4) My military retirement

A)USAF  issues

B) va issues

C) ssa issues

D) money issues

E) health issues
5) Family 

A) Daughter 

B) granddaughters

C) father

D) siblings 

E) other
6) Fishing

A) fly fishing

B) other fishing styles

C) fly tackle

D) other tackle

E) fishing trips

7) Computers and video game machines

A) computers

   a) fltsims

   b) other PC games

B) PlayStation 4
So my posts should find itself in several of the categories.
Look forward to the post on the acquiring. of my new mobile setup soon.  I’ll also highlight my base camp and why I have it plus a house that sits empty down the road.

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End of Trail 2015 Single Action Shooting Society’s World championship of cowboy action shooting.

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first off sorry no photos as I was barely able to carry what I needed to shoot.

Travel day to Albuqerque.

Well had a doctors appoint just after noon at the VA hospital.   Besides the 3 hour and 45 minute drive up to the hospital which fortunately was unenventful. Took 54 n to Carizosso, the west on 380 until you reach I 25 north .  Once you get to Abq it’s easy to find the va center off Gibson.  

On the way up I realized my rack for holding my long guns had a couple missing screws.  Stop at Home Depot in las Lunos and picked up several so I’d have spares.

Doctor appoint went well got out of the va about 1430 iirc. Visited a friend to check on something for a friend.  It was a short stay as I still needed to make it to the ranch to sign in and get my packets and swag instead of doing it prior to the war ups on Tuesday.

Made it the ranch with an hour to spare.  Headed for registration and signed my waiver grab my package and swag bag head straight to docs old west.

We had been corresponding thru email about maybe modifying some gear I had.  It turned out to be smarter and cheaper for me to buy new stuff from him.  He promised the first item some natural looking chinks by the time I needed them to shoot the warmup the next afternoon and he delivered they were a lot more comfortable than wearing a vest as I found out later in the week.

Why did Cowboys wear vests.  The answer is a two solution answer,  first was to cover the suspenders that they wore to hold their pants up since belt loops were not invented yet.  The second was pockets.  Once you put a gun belt on the pants pockets are inaccessible if you add to it chinks or chaps forget about it so they used the pockets in the vest.  Well so did I, even when I wasn’t wearing it while shooting I had it draped over my seat on the scooter.  

Second item had to be made from scratch was boot chaps.  Doc measured me so that they would be a perfect fit.  These were not ready until Thursday right before I shot the first day of the match.
After hitting up another vendor, buckaroo bobbins for a new vest and a leather case for my gun belt to hold namely my new custom ears that I had to have made since I forgot all ear plugs somehow mine were about ready to be replaced anyway. But that a story for another day.

The last vendor I visited was the old fashion soda wagon.  I love their black cherry with a touch of cream soda mixture.  I’ve been a frequent customer of the wagon for years every since the first one showed up. I usually make a deal for a couple cups of soda a day and usually one or two gallons to take with me for the motel and trip home.  This was the third owner operator that has come to the ranch.  We come to terms on a fair price.  I paid him and it makes life easy during the match I just show up they fill up my cup and were good.  No digging for money.  By the end of the week most of them had the mixture right.

After that I head back to the truck.  On the way I saw Mose and Bella, he gold plates front sights.  He wasn’t setup last year but I got my guns done this year.  

After loading all the bags in the truck with everything I brought and put the scooter on the lift I headed out but decide to stop and visit with crazy Kurt.  He was home we spoke for a while it was still very hot and he wasn’t back to 100% from overheating the day prior.

After leaving jury’s I spoke with Johnny meadows our fantastic loose marshal and one of my go to gunsmiths for sxss.we pass on pleasantries and agree we would talk later as we were posed together end.

After him I stopped asked a couple questions of capt Baylor as he was switching over from wild bunch to frontiersman iirc.  

Finally were heading out of the ranch, I decided to take a left to check out the condition of Barton road the most direct route to the ranch from where I’m staying.  Well someone had fun when the road was muddy from the deep trenches dug in to the road.  Needed grading and gravel to be worth using.  So every day I took the long way to the ranch.

Get to the motel check in get the same room I had last year which is perfect it is about the closest door to the entrance and is setup for the disabled.  After many trips the truck is unloaded so I can prepare for the warmup match the next afternoon.

I go about unpacking deciding on my gear and clothes for the next day a nd the relax I had stopped on the way to the motel and grabbed some sandwiches and o rings from Arby’s.

Next morning wake up get gear ready and head to the ranch.  I stop for a saugage burrito from sonic on the way to the ranch.  I get to the ranch around noon. Early for my warmup. But I needed to pick up the chinks and look around before the match.  I should have signed up for one of the earlier warm ups as it was getting very warm by the time we started.  I shoot two of the four stages, the last one I was having problems for two reasons catching my breath. Not he first was the heat the second was I forgot my shotgun belt and had to use a different belt that I barely was able to buckle. Not say it was tight was an understatement.  But I shot the two stages and packed it in so I could breath.  Made a mental note to locate my normal shotgun belt when I got back yo the room which I did.

I had planned to dress differently each day between the new chinks and the heat that didn’t happen.  But I set up a routine to insure that I had everything I needed for the shoot the next day bagged up. My leather in a clothe tote bag., my ammo and shooting supplies in the saddlebags.  My clothes laid out.  I wore the same pants two days but a fresh shirt and scarf each day. The vest was tagged for all week since it was short enought to clear my gun belt, button up in the front to make it easier to reach everything and was lighter than both the other vests I owned and brought. But I wore it the first day of the main match but draped it over the back of the scooter when I shot the rest of the days.

The next day was side matches and plainsman.  I had decide before I left that this would be a R&L day since I doubted I could make it five days in a row shooting, since I wasn’t used to that much activity so I left the extra equipment home.  Just brought the main match guns, the USFA SAAs and 1873 plus mt TTN hammered SxS and my 1887 lever shotgun that I love shooting the TTN was in case I had problems with the 87′,did not have any so the TTN stayed I the truck after the warmup match.

Wednesday I hung around the AC room and done something I’ve not been able to do in year, took a tub bath. I normally take showers. It felt great I wanted to do it again before checking out but that fell through.

First day of the main match each wave has a mandatory safety briefing, the hold them the day of each event, warmup, side match, wild bunch etc.  they do several things at these meetings, first the introduce everyone who is somebody and welcome you.  Then they cover the basic safety rules that apply that day then the brief you on any special rules they they feel need alerting you to.  They kept it quick and itt was a good meeting for what it was.  tA and Lassiter have this down.  They wrote outstanding stages giving the shooter plenty of robe to hang himself with although most made it through without rope burns.after the meeting pale wolf brownell had all the classic Cowboys and b western shooter on this wave meet them so they can view that you are indeed wearing what you should for you respective category,  myself I had eight or nine items on that day instead of the five required.  I still have one item to make or remake as I’ve probably out grew the ones o made ten years ago.  I need new cowboy or roper cuffs then I’ll have all the items I need to rotate item and have the five items on at any one time.

Shot the middle four stages of the the first day.  We started on the third stage if the group the shot the forth then moved down to the first one for the day finishing with the second stage in line each day.  I shot slow but clean meaning I never missed a target,  iirc I never had to even make up a target.  The only proble that day besides the heat was I grabbed the wrong box of shotgun ammo I prefer to shoot 900 DPS rounds but while I was back in ga I had bought a case of target loads that were in the 1200-1400 foster range that is the box I grabbed. I checked around and borrowed some AAs from leg dart lawman which after the days shooting I stopped off at cowboy shooting supplies and bought a case of AAs just in case I had grabbed all wrong ammo.  Which wasn’t the case it was just the one box I grabbed that morning that was the high power ammo.  But besides having two cases of AAs at home I now had a case to use now.  I return or should say replaced the ammo with a new box the next day.

On Tuesday when I was packing it up I dropped a very special knife out of its sheath on my gun belt.  When I got to the motel I notice it . I called Kurt and had him go looking for it but he didn’t find it.  
So Thursday I checked with lost and found, sure enough it was turned in uplifting my opinion of cowboy shooters.  It’s one of my require items for my category.  On Thursday I over did just for a laugh.  I had on a scarf, suspenders, arm garders, a vest, pocket watch with full double chain, the knife, chinks and botas/boot chap depending on locale.if I listed everything it was nine items.  I refuse to wear Spurs because I don’t get around all that well to start with all I need is to trip over my own Spurs and fall.   It was too warm for a jacket or gloves, and I’m still need to make the cuffs so that the whole list as I recall it.

After shooting liaded up making sure both my knife and screw knife were still with me.  Headed back to the motel but stop for dinner at the cafe on the way.  I developed the routine of getting the meat and bread a bs a stuffed potato to go eat the salad from a nice salad bar there along with a piece of Texas toast and my sweat tea to wash it down. That gave me my snack for later.  It worked well first day I had chopped steak, second day was pork chops and the last day was chopped steak again.

One thing I should have mentioned was our shooting schedule.  We were poise 27 and we shot the late wave middle stages on Thursday, on Friday we shoot the middle wave first group of stages and on Saturday we shot the early wave last group of stages.  I liked it real well except Thursday’s my cart died so I got a push to the only exterior outlet that wasn’t being used plugged it in went to grab a bite, get a drink of soda and basically kill some time.  I figure 30 minutes should get me from town to my truck it didn’t I had to get one of the wad dies to push me from the top of town where most catch the team to my truck.  I was very thankful for his assistance.  I load it up. 

When I get rested back at the motel I go unload the scooter bring it in to charge it overnight hoping this will be the last time I need to do so during the match.  Nope Saturday it’s low again and I charge it for about an hour or so while I hobble around visiting with the vendors. This time it made it back to the truck.
I. Shot Friday clean without any events that I recall. Except on the last stage I pull out my screw knife to assist another shooter I just stuck it back in what I thought was the sheaf for it.  After I shoot the last stage of the day I take off my shotgun belt dropping the screw knife.  It wasn’t until later while waiting on a friend who was still shootings hat I noticed it missing.  Once my business was completed I returned to the last berm we shoot on ask the brass lickers if any one had found a knife they had but had passed it on to someone to drop off at lost and found.  S o off to lost and found again but this time it has been turned in.  It’s getting late so I decide I’ll check in the morning before I shoot.  Off to the truck load everything up.  Head to the cafe and on to the motel.  It was to hot and I was too tired to load the truck up so I setup a late checkout for the next day. And retire to the room.
Next morning no time to do anything but get dressed grab what I need for the day and head out. I stop at sonic for breakfast and head to the ranch going the long way like I’ve done all week.  Go buy the lost and found no knife, hit the soda wagon get filled up and head to where my friend from the previous day said he would be but he mopust have been running late,. I figure he would then look me up but that didn’t happen.  About the time we started the first or second stage that day the bottom fell out.  Was the first time I’ve seen a match stopped fork weather.  I happen to be the shooter on the line when the call was made.  This stage had a building with a fairly good roof so I wasn’t getting any wetter, I was under cover. The to asked me if I wished to wait the twenty minutes the storm was supposed to take to run its corse. The way I looked at it I was already through the wet areas and dryish where I was to shoot from.  Now after I shot I would be subject to be rained on going from the firing line to the unloading table.  I decided to proceed and shoot it while I was there.  Went a pulled the right revolver and the hammer was so wet my thumb couldn’t grip it to cock it tried two or three times when both myself and the to decided to restart. That was after wiping the guns down with a towel.  The second time went much better.  The only thing with shooting while it was raining it made it hard for the spotter to see a miss as all hit made a splash in front of the target.  Another day clean.  That’s three days in a row clean making a clean match.  My last stage I think was my slowest stage of the match. I took sight of the target verified the front and rear sight were lined up perfectly with the target, doubled checked the squeezed the trigger hitting the target and repeated for each target including the shotgun targets.  I did everything by the book on that last stage just to make sure I wouldn’t receive a p or safety thus costing my clean match.  I’m not sure which day or stage it was but I think it was the last day.  Another shooter inadvertently grabbed my rifle which is chambered for 38-40. He was shooting 38s iirc. It jammed the rifle up costing him many misses. Ten probably.i go to the loading table where my long guns were staged before we started shooting.  I’ve found it is easier on me to stage my guns at the loading table if there is a rack for this purpose when I enter the bay then I go to the line for the briefing then I head to the unloading table where I park my scooter and I watch the table for several shooters before heading to the loading table to load my guns to shoot the stage.  Iirc it was our last stage when the rifle swap happened. I’m trying to load my ammo in his gun not noticing its not my gun.his wife brings me my rifle explains that they were inadvertently swapped.  My ammo went in my gun without problem which is good since it was built for that ammo.i shoot the stage clean as stated and thus shooting the main match clean.  After the stages that day we had the poise team shoot which we wereless than two seconds from winning.  I head to red wings tent to buy a new screw knife since mine wasn’t turn in to lost and found the last time I checked.  Tom went to lost and found and the knife was there this time.  My faith is cowboy shooter renewed.  I still ordered a backup screw knife to match my larger knife.  If I can find a laser engraver that will do what I wish I’ll have my name on all three knives.  Been tiring for the past year to have it done.  Next I go see a shooter who thought they were interested in something I had for sale but after wasting a couple hours of my time they decide it wasn’t for them.

So to the truck load everything and go looking for the other shooter who was supposed to have something I bought from them.  They were up at the shotgun range.  After finding them I was told the bag with my item was in his truck which his wife had taken back to hidden valley where they were staying after several fail attempts to contact her and another hour or so of my time wasted we agree he will mail it to me when he returns home.

I head back to the motel stop at the cafe eat and decide I’m too tired to try and drive four hours home now.if the truck was loaded and I left the ranch at noon instead of four I would have drove home but that didn’t happen so I make arrangement to cancel the late checkout and swap it to another nights stay.

I get to the rum undress and Kay on the bed watching tv while I cool down so I can take another tub bath.  That didn’t happen I feel a sleep for several hours.  When I a woke I started organizing my things packing the items that I would not need the next day. It was too late to carry the stuff out but would be ready first thing in the morning.  I finally rose about two hours before checkout. Finished the packing and started caring items to the truck . Once it was loaded except for my dirty clues bag I changed to the items I wa wearing home from those that I had on while loading the truck I cooled down before dawning the new shirt so it would remain dry.  I did a once over looking for left items not seeing any departed the room and checked out.

I decided I needed a bite fore breakfast and knowing nothing existed on the way done something that I’m rarely seen doing, went to mickey dis and got a egg mc muffin for breakfast and a drink.  Before pulling out I got the iPad setup for directions and so I could listen to a book on they way home.  I plug my new iPhone in to well as the iPad.  The down old east 66 to hwy 42 then 41 to 54 west.  I stop at the four way in Carizosso and at the last minute notice that the restraint on the corner was open on Sunday.  I figure their food had to be better than the convience store across the road.  So I pull into the parking lot get out walk thru the diner to the bathroom. The back out to the counter where I sat down and order.  I inquired what was good told everything, then ask about the specials, that’s when someone suggested the chicken fired steak that they make fresh in house. I was told most thing are made fresh in house.  The corn was fresh you could tell it had never seen a freezer it was crisp with strands of silk running under the kernels, was toke that they have to shuck it daily.the fries were so many it didn’t look like I made a dent in them after eating my fill.  The steak was so tender I used the fork to cut it.  I just found my new stop on my return trips from Abq..I eat paid tipped got a sweet tea to go and drove home.  Ending this trip and story.

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More on the fsx simpit

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ok I’m still working on my simpit and fsx.  For AC I’ve invested in the dhc-2 beaver, dhc-6 twin otter, c-130,c-17,c-27 and c5 plus others like the uh1, hh60.  I purchased a used VRInsight ProPit but that might have been a mistake.  I got it used, but the problem seems is there isn’t much support for adding different AC to it.  It come ready to work with three I know of for max the c172,c-182 and the mooney none of witch I plan on flying much except for the time in the book for getting my if r training iirc.  I made an order for another USB I/O card and switches for it.  The PhDs plug and play kit I got off ebay controls 20 switches and if I use the ones it came with will be 5 ea push button, toggle rocker and push button momentarily.  I ordered what seemed like a ton of switches I expected to use toggle on,off,on, and on, off with covers I think I ordered some momentarily on push buttons and one other switch as I recal.  The new ISO card is better from my understanding and will control up to 32 switches

On another note it’s time to get ready for sass world championship End of Trail match coming up next month.  I still need to reload some 38-55 for plainsman, I should have enought 38wcf for a warmup and main match but I’m taking the 45s along in case.  I figure for just the three matches warmup, main and plainsman I’ll nee the 28-55 handi rifle, two 73s one in 38 WCF and the other in 45 colt for backup I’ll need my roa for plainsman and my USFA SAAs for main match and Ruger Bisley Vaquero 45colt for bu.  next is the scatter guns, I’m taking my Remington spr 220 for plainsman and my 87 copy for main and ten for backup.  Then ammo for all.  Leather will be the same as my Kirtpatrick Long Hunter 09 holsters fit any of main match revolvers I have one set in black and another in russet.  The latter are new all are strong side holsters.  I have a couple other thing to work out also.  My boot chap or boats iirc need enlarging or remaking to fit me.  My chinks will be tight but I might need a few extension straps made to get them to work.  If everything goes right I’ll be dressed differently each day.  Plainsman will be pigskin pants and buckskin shirt, for warmup will be a shirt and pants, on main match day one will be one of these chaps, chinks or botas(boot chaps) a vest of one of two right now, one day will be in uniform so I’ll have to work hard to have the required items.  Unfortunately since my diabetes my feet require special boots and I’ll be wearing them other wise I would be bringing my earth walkers and that would give me a choice in footware.  But this year I’ll be wearing the same lace ups everyday.  Since I can’t move well I try to do two things dress differently every day and try to shoot clean.
I’ve got some money coming and plan on getting a SxS utv and enclosed trailer to carry everything in plus for the weekend events I plan on throwing a cot in it and using it for camping.  I’ll need a couple of things to make it homely for the weekend.  But if it gets me out the so much the better.
Till next time.

Flt sim simpit redesign

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well when you first don’t succeed, try again.  Well the more I played with setting up ms fsx on the SSD the more mistakes I found that I made.  While this is just temporary until the new ssds and the repaired psu arrive at this time I’m trying to learn from using my laptop with the single SSD.  I made several mistakes as I went along.  The first is installing it to the default location, windows treats program file (x64) like a special folder and all it sub folders.  So it gave me fits when trying to move files there or rearrange file already there.  So I uninstalled fsx and all the other programs that I loaded for it.  Then started moving files from the c: drive to the d: drive if they were library type files otherwise non application files.  That’s were we are at with the laptop not to mention troubleshooting white my optical drive isn’t showing up as a DVD drive. This I think is a bios setting since the laptop was running win 8 before putting in the SSD already loaded since I just copied my HDD in my other laptop of the same type.  

Next with the simpit hardware we got the brackets made for the throttle quads and the one for the trim wheel the were made out of an .125 inch aluminum and along with the items attached to them the sag at the ends.  So I’m gonna have to see how to bear up the strips of metal attached to the wheel stand pro.  It’s not overly sturdy to begin with but its build to be portable so you can remove it when your not using it and stow it in a closet.  Not that I have one for it.

So the only productive thing I got done was load up fsx and choose the new twin otter extended and use its panel views to help design my generic switch panel I’m hoping to build shortly.  Base on the sixes of the Saitek panels I have the panel size will be 7×11 inches.  The first two panels that will be added to it will be the eng start panel or the upper left panel and the windshield panel or upper right panel.  The upper panel is the power levers for the left and right engines, the propeller levers for both engines and the mixture lever for both engines as I recall plus their tensioner so.  So if they are any switches on it they will be added next.  If not I might look to the fire panel.

I have most od the default lighting switches on the Saitek switch panel.  So I hit the lighting panel last and just program some of the existing switches to the lights that aren’t supported on the switch panel.  I’ve got a bid in on a VRInsight pro prop panel which will give me all my gauges and a gps with working switches and knobs.  We’ll see if I end up with it before going any further in reproducing rotary encoders for the navy and com items that I don’t currently have.  Still the idea is cold and dark to cold and dark without the keyboard or mouse.  The main thing I’m investigating next is if and how the mode switch on the yoke works and how I can use it to my benefit.  Plus programming the switches on the Saitek hardware to pull up the act menu select the option and close the act window.  As that should take between ten or more switches if I’m correct.  Read the users guide for fsuipc4 and will start the advance ug soon.  But I still need to fix the laptop reinstall the software before too long or the desktop parts might show up and my attention will turn to it.

Well that’s it til next time when I hope to have some photos to show where we are at.

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New topic old hobby

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well one of the original ideas that made computers interesting to me way back in the 80s was flight simming.  I bought my second computer a Commadore 64 in the mid 80s and quickly found flight simulator at that time being published by sub logic.  

I’ve enjoyed flight simming over the decades since off and on.  In the mid 90s it was on a pc for the first time and also by Microsoft for the first Time. I soon upgraded to a 285 then on to a pentium several years later always play flight sim, I had even invested in to a ch pro serial yoke along with my thustmaster flight gear, stick, throttle and pedals.  I still have all but the throttle as I sold it along the way but in today’s computers that hardware is useless, no way to connect even with a game board that doesn’t fit the slots of today’s motherboards.

Back after my motorcycle accident I returned to simming.  I built a computer just to run ms fsx.  It is housed in a Lancool tower, model PC-K60 case.  The framework is a AS Rock Z77 motherboard with 16GB DDR3 RAM, a EVGA GeForce GTX 680 video card with 4GB RAM.  It’s powered by a Cooler Master 850W PSU which is dead right now just got a RMA number late yesterday.  The CPU is an I7 Intel cooled by a Cosair H55 Liduid CPU Cooler.  I’ll be sending the psu in for repair next week.  It has Blue ray optical drive and two hdds.  Those will be repurposed in the rebuild.  As I’m plan on adding two SSD drives for the OS and the other for fsx.  Iirc the hdds are a 1 and 2 TB drive.  The 2 TB will be used as a library drive and the 1 TB for photos and plan on an addition 1 TB out of one of my nases for movies and music maybe or use it for a document drive.  I have three Asus 24″ LCD monitors mounted on a triple monitor stand so to upgraded to a 6 monitor stand and I’ll add a TV to the lower LHS, a Sony 24″ 3D PlayStation monitor the the lower center and a hp 23″ to the lower rhs spot. The three Asus will form the top row.  The TV for for viewing television when computing, the Sony will show the main panel and the hp the other panels as needed.

Since 2012 I’ve gotten the following Saitek panels for flight simming along with their pro flight yoke with throttle quadrant, an additional throttle quadrant, and rudder peddles plus Cessna trim wheel.  I have two radio panels and might add one more along with a tpm panel maybe.  I have the bip, multi and switch panels also.

Off eBay I just ordered a 20 switch plug and play diy kit for even more switches.  I eventually want to have a switch or tactile control for each event in fsx.  Starting off with what will be needed to fly the dhc-6 twin otter.

I’ve mounted the Saitek hardware to a pro wheel stand for portability with in the Rv.

Well right now the desktop is down and my simming is on one or both of my hp dv7evy laptops.  I’ve been researching building a simpit as I’m not planning on a full fledged cockpit in the future since I don’t have the room in the Rv.

I’ve gotten the ugtafs from I just got his three bible set plus if r bible also.  I’ve been searching various other blogs and posts which gave me the idea to start mine up again adding simming to it.
I highly recommend the ugtafs for the info contained in it.  I’ve learned a lot of great info about computers from it and I have a degree in microprocessors and microcomputers that I got back in the early 90s.

Then you get into the fs9 and fsx specfics chapters, then the fs hardware, tweaking the OS fo each fs as well as tweaking the fs itself.  And I’m not half way through it yet.  Yet done anymore than browsed thru the other books that I just received this week.  I also have the book “flying ms fsx as in the real world.”

I plan on setting up the simpit I aw the ugtafs and finally learning to fly and communicate correctly using the real world book and other real world flying guides.  I’m not a good candidate for a pilot licence because of health reasons so as real as it gets will be as close as I get.

Until next time when I hope to have the tower back up and running if I’m lucky if not I’ll give a over view of the first flying lesson in the real world book on the laptop using a joystick if not the simpit it depends on several things.  Bye

Been a long time since I wrote anything but that’s about to change

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I’m doing several thing with my computers some related to photography . Most of it is one way or the other. I’m rebuilding my network to make the most of the three different nas that I have actual there four but I’m not sure how the apple one will work out. I will tell you about them in the order I got them. First was the Net Gear Stora. Next came the apple time capsule. Then the Buffalo quad ?. Just recently I got a Synology unit it holds two internal and has two usb3 ports for external drives. I like the last unit and the buffalo unit the most the offer among other things a iTunes server plus other apps let’s call them. The Synology unit has something that im was interested in for the surveillance module.

Also I’m going to be working on my photo library using Lightroom cc and photoshop cc. Lightroom will organize smog other things. I also use HDR ? And on ones perfect photo suite. I hope to give details on using a central master library in lr and temp catalogs on laptops and how everything is setup what hardware is used and how.

I also have another personal project. I’m going to try to write my own version of the old photobyte program. I’m wanting to modernize it using vs6. Which is the 1998 version of the software iirc.

Plus ant photo trips or sass shoots I go to. If I can first find all my go pro stuff and get it to work I will wear it while im shooting and place down range in a safe place to get some unique views of what we do. I will also use it for some bhs ( behind the scenes) of some of my photography stuff from shoots to gear packing to tutorials of some of the gear like my quantum Qflash and elinchrom Quadra lites.

So hopefully this will get better or at least informative here in the future. Plus some articles for my other board which will be educational material for photography. The bhs stuff here the tutorials there.

Also will be doing stuff around the Rv from figuring out where every thing will be stored out of the way unlike now where there in the way most of the time. What I’m going to do is position my pelican cases and the pack Rubbermaid bins and drawers for the bedroom in the living room and kitchen items will be stored in the cabinets provided. Hopefully the bins will not have to be stored in the loft just fishing gear, and leather working tools and supplies. Now the shop will have a second table a 8 ft if I still have it and can get it the bins will go under it and the current table. But a walkway will be kept clear unlike now where everything was throw back there while I was in the hospital that I’ve still not completely fixed. One thing is the bins will be used to limit what I keep on the RV. By limiting the number of bin ti ome for some item two max for any sets of items. Some can be stored in the pass thru basement storage area and maybe an overflow bin or two might go I. The front area designed for a generator but mines in the back of the truck so two sets of batteries plus other gear are hosted in there currently.

So as you can see there is a lot that needs done plus some fun items will be written about hear. If I ever start RVing around more that will go here or a new blog . But right now I’m ok where I’m at the winter are quite mild now to find a summer location . Plus I’m wanting to visit my family in charleston sc and outside Athens ga. If I go in the next couple months it be me the dog and the truck and what I can fit in the truck because the Rv will be staying put with several friends watching it while I’m gone.

Well basically this is my life coming up. I not sure if there will be a schedule or if it is as it happens. But if I do something I will write about it. Have a safe All Hallows’ eve(Halloween) next week.

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October 26, 2014 at 5:51 pm

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Check out my new post over at

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I just started a intro to a new series of posts on cameras over there and you should follow this series of post as we start at the basic knowledge and work to find out everything about these cameras and how to use them to record your light written work.

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May 19, 2013 at 9:39 pm

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